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Jabuk - SA

Auction: Tuesday 28, September 2021, 06:00pm - FCS Online

FCS-Online Auction
Click on the 'catalogue' link above for the full sale details. Photos are below.

LOT 0a
JABUK Clearing Sale

IJ and PL Farley, Stage 1 Reduction Sale

Final Bidding Tuesday 28th Sept 2021, from 6pm

Please note: Freight options
Stretch Wrapping and Freight Forwarding is possible on some items at the Buyer’s cost. Contact the Vendor.
All items purchased can be loaded onto your transport by the Vendor.

Alfarm Bin

still has belt, suit wrecking

2 photos
25 Concrete Posts
9 Concrete Strainers and Struts
Steel Cattle Troughing
Harrow Leaves

4 Row (5 Sets)

3PL Hay Forks
Old Pipe Bender
Jetstream Firefighter

motor not running, but turns over

2 photos
International 3PL Posthole Digger
LOT 10
New Holland 55 Series Rake

for wrecking

2 photos
LOT 11
Old Tree Planter

with ripper and trench maker

2 photos
LOT 12
Front End Weights

suit Case 2090

LOT 13
Firewood Holder

with wood

LOT 14
Proline Posthole Digger Manual
LOT 15
Stack of Grating
LOT 16
Finger tyne harrows

cover 50 Feet

LOT 17
15ft Onion Elevator

with extension feed and 2 hydraulic motors

2 photos
LOT 18
13ft Loxton Slasher

average condition, running order

2 photos
LOT 19
Feed trough
LOT 20
Old Horwood Crackerjack Plough

suit yard monument

2 photos
LOT 21
23.1-34 Tyre

casing only

LOT 22
38X20.00-16 Tyres (x2)

8 ply very good sound tyres and rims

LOT 23
Old Saw Bench
LOT 24
16.9-30 Tyres (x2)

sound casings

LOT 25
14.9-26 Pair of Tyres and Rims

hold air, average condition

LOT 26
16.9-30 Pair of Tyres and Rims

sound condition

LOT 27
20.8-38 Pair of Tyres and Rims

duals off unknown tractor, Goodyear Super Sure Grip, 8 Ply sound condition

LOT 28
14.0-18 Pair of Tyres and Rims

average condition

LOT 29
8.2SRISTR Pair of NEW Tyres

18 Ply NEW

LOT 30
Pallet of John Deere 275 Tynes

Could make 3 good ones, spare springs and parts, small J bolt

LOT 31
Pallet of Forward Tynes

Forward same as JD 275, large J bolt, complete

LOT 32
Pallet of Ryan Tynes (Quantity 10)
LOT 33
580 Shearer Tynes (Quantity 5)
LOT 34
580 Shearer Tynes (Quantity 5)
LOT 35
580 Shearer Tynes (Quantity 5)
LOT 36
John Deere Wheel Extension

would make a great outdoor fire

LOT 37
John Deere Wheel Extension

would make a great outdoor fire

LOT 38
Large Quantity Supermarket Shelving
2 photos
LOT 39
Two 44 Gallon Drums Alfarm Boots (drums included)
LOT 40
16ft Double Deck Stock crate

old but serviceable with steel decks

2 photos
LOT 41
15ft Stock crate

needs new top deck

2 photos
LOT 42
Pair of Hobbs Hoists
LOT 43
Tandem Hitch
2 photos
LOT 44
Stock crate to suit 8x5ft Trailer
LOT 45
Set of 3 Levelling Bars
LOT 46
Baltic Simplex Loader
2 photos
LOT 47
Newbold 15ft Slasher

needs new bearings

3 photos
LOT 48
Team Poly second hand 5000 Gallon Tank

new roof cap and side welding

2 photos
LOT 49
Team Poly second hand 5000 Gallon Tank

some leaks

2 photos
LOT 50
Team Poly second hand 5000 Gallon Tank

minor floor leak

2 photos
LOT 51
John Shearer Feed out Cart

new chain drive, going order

2 photos
LOT 52
Set of 6 stud Toyota Sunraysia Wheels
LOT 53
1 only 18.4-26 Tyre

very good order

LOT 54
1 only 16.9-28 Tyre

industrial good sound casing

LOT 55
18.4-30 Casing

some radial cracks

LOT 56
1 only 14.00-32 Tyre

good sound tyre

LOT 57
Pair of 18.4-38 Tyres and Rims

30% tread, good sound tyres

LOT 58
Pair of 16.9-26 Tyres and Rims

will hold air casing value only

LOT 59
14.00-32 Casing

sound casing

LOT 60
17inch Tyres to suit Landcruiser
LOT 61
Pair of 10.00-16 Tyres and Rims

suit New Holland TR85

LOT 62
Pair of 9.00-20 Tyres


LOT 63
Old Camper Trailer
3 photos
LOT 64
Old 2 Wheel Trailer w Tailgate
2 photos
LOT 65
10 Furrow Wiles Mouldboard Plough

complete in working order

2 photos
LOT 66
3 McNaught Grease Guns
LOT 67
Pallet of used Hydraulic Hose
LOT 68
Metters K Windmill

slightly bent tail

2 photos
LOT 69
Harris Scarfe and Co Gresham House London Chaff Cutter

late 1800’s

3 photos
LOT 70
Old Buck Rake
LOT 71
Old Fencing
LOT 72
Pair of Farm Gates
LOT 73
Pair of Farm Gates
LOT 74
Pair of Farm Gates
LOT 75
Early Century Steel Wagon

good order

2 photos
LOT 76
5 Leaf Trailing Harrows and Bar

suit 24 Row Combine

LOT 77
15 Leaf John Shearer Hydraulic Fold Harrows

have been used as fire harrows

3 photos
LOT 78
Mobile Fuel Tanker
3 photos
LOT 79
Air compressor 175KVA with Perkins Motor

air compressor not there Perkins runs fine, on trailer, no battery

2 photos
LOT 80
24 Tyres

suit John Deere single disk seeder

LOT 81
Old Villiers Rotary Hoe
LOT 82
Extension to suit 13ft Loxton Slasher

makes it into 15

LOT 83
30 discs ex Grizzly
LOT 84
Approx 20 discs plain ex Grizzly
LOT 85
4 Hydraulic Rams

ex Chamberlain scarifier, condition unknown

LOT 86
Approx 30 fluted discs ex Grizzly
LOT 87
Approx 35 discs fluted ex Grizzly
LOT 88
Horwood Bagshaw Bale Loader
2 photos
LOT 89
PTO Post Slammer with Hydraulic Tilt
LOT 90
12ft Hay Trailer
2 photos
LOT 91
Crump Super Spreader
3 photos
LOT 92
Coulters ex DBS

29 Double Coulters, 2 Singles

LOT 93
Howard Terrier Rotary Hoe

not running but turns over

LOT 94
L4 Perkins

4 Cylinder, ex MF Header, running when taken off, no battery

2 photos
LOT 95
4 Cylinder Perkins

running order, ex spare pump motor, no battery

LOT 96
Perkins Engine

ex pump motor, running, ex 306 Chamberlain, no battery

3 photos
LOT 97
70inch Howard Rotary Hoe

done little work, original blades

3 photos
LOT 98
Fordson Parts
LOT 99
Yamaha GT80

not running

2 photos
LOT 100
Yamaha YDS 1


2 photos
LOT 101
Yamaha DT 175
2 photos
LOT 102
Kawasaki F7175
2 photos
LOT 103
Suzuki TS 185
LOT 104
Kawasaki KLX 250
LOT 105
1000 Fire Tank and Pump

good running order, done little work

2 photos
LOT 106
Lincoln Tractor Pack

going Order

2 photos
LOT 107
International Parts
LOT 108
Villiers Motor and Tank

turns over, not running

LOT 109
Allen Oxford Auto Scythe

with Villiers motor, mark 25, turns over, not going

2 photos
LOT 110
Inter Parts and Old Spark Arresters
LOT 111
Drill Press

noisy motor but runs

LOT 112
Extended Bucket

came off ICH 510

2 photos
LOT 113
Fordson Parts
LOT 114
Old Tool Boxes
LOT 115
Old Tool Boxes
LOT 116
Weight Transfer 3PL

suit White or MF tractor

LOT 117
Old Royco Engine

does not turn over

2 photos
LOT 118
JD 8120 Bonnet

damaged not complete

2 photos
LOT 119
Deutz Single Cylinder Motor and Fan

sold separate from Alfarm Bin (Lot 120), done little work

2 photos
LOT 120
Alfarm Bin

complete, flat tyre

2 photos
LOT 121
2 Truck Seats
2 photos
LOT 122
Sun Combine Ends
LOT 123
Railway Dog Spikes
LOT 124
2 Cream Cans
LOT 125
Railway Dog Spikes
LOT 126
Cooper Stationary Engine

turns over, not running, complete

LOT 127
Trunk and Tools
LOT 128
Pencil Auger

running order

LOT 129
Cases and Stands
LOT 130
Pianola and Stool with rolls

poor condition

LOT 131
Crosley Shelvador Fridge
2 photos
LOT 132
Camping Trunk

Camp Oven and 2 Jerry Cans

2 photos
LOT 133
Lister Double End Grinder

with Clamps, going order

LOT 134
Leadlight Cupboard
LOT 135
Ball Floats

3 New, 6 Used

LOT 136
Philmac Poly Fittings
LOT 137
Philmac Poly Fittings
LOT 138
Small Welder
LOT 139
Sunbeam Single Stand

shearing Plant, Electrical Fault

LOT 140
Ajax Wool Press


LOT 141
Sunbeam Electric Double End Grinder

clamp, going

LOT 142
Shearing Shed Sundries
LOT 143
Cooper Single Stand Shearing Plant

with Villiers motor turns over, not running

LOT 144
2 Stand Shearing Plant

with Goldsborough Westinghouse Rosebery, engine turns over, complete

LOT 145
Tub of old Handpieces and Combs
LOT 146
Box of bottles
LOT 147
Castrol 12 Gallon Drum
LOT 148
Old Wooden Wool Table
LOT 149
2 Stand Overhead Shearing Plant

complete with grinder and Electric Motor

2 photos
LOT 150
Nelson Single Box

electric Wool Press, Going Order

LOT 151
Sunbeam Twin Box

electric Wool Press, Going Order

LOT 152
Thunderbird Weigh Scales

with monitor, going order, Bosch battery not included

2 photos
LOT 153
Lister Single Stand Shearing Plant

going, done little work

LOT 154
Lister Shearing Plant Box
LOT 155
Lister Shearing Plant

going order, done little work

LOT 156
Lister Shearing Plant Box
LOT 157
Old Wool Pack Holder
LOT 158
W and T Avery Scales

with full weight kit

LOT 159
EK-EJ Holden Station Wagon Body Only
2 photos
LOT 160
Holden FX Utility Body Only
LOT 161
Datsun 180B

last running 4 yrs ago, no battery

2 photos
LOT 162
Datsun 180B

for wrecking

LOT 163
Datsun 180B

for wrecking

LOT 164
Toyota Crown Sedan

motor turns over, no keys, no battery

3 photos
LOT 165
Toyota Hilux 1600 Auto

no battery

LOT 166
International Fowler Crane

not running, no battery

5 photos
LOT 167
Mitsubishi 4WD Tray Top Ute

running order, needs new fuel, stale fuel, no battery

4 photos
LOT 168
TD6 Crawler
6 photos
LOT 169
Allis Chalmers Model U

complete, not running, no battery

3 photos
LOT 170
Caterpillar D6

rare model, Just after the war, Pilot motor siezed, Clutch needs freeing up

6 photos
LOT 171

motor does not turn over, tyres flat

4 photos
LOT 172
Allis Chalmers Model M Crawler

not running

4 photos
LOT 173
Massey Harris

steering seized, Diesel Engine, Condition Unknown

4 photos
LOT 173a
the following lots of hay, each consists of

 21 small bales formed together into one parcel. They can be handled as a parcel with a loader or separated into individual bales and handled manually for transport

LOT 174
21 Small Square Bales Vetch Hay, Top Quality

Top Quality

2 photos
LOT 175
21 Small Square Bales Oaten Hay

Top Quality suit Horses

2 photos
LOT 176
LOT 177
International W6 Armstrong Holland Grader

electric Start, Very good runner, Tyres perished, no battery

5 photos
LOT 178
Fordson E27 Tractor

complete, turns over, not running, tyres flat, no battery

3 photos
LOT 179
Allis Chalmers Dozer HD7 - ex Army

complete, running, no battery

6 photos
LOT 180
Nuffield Universal

very neat, near new tyres, no 3PL, good runner, no battery

5 photos
LOT 181
Allis Chalmers Garden Tractor

Petrol Kero, 3PL, good runner, no battery

3 photos
LOT 182
Farmall M Garden Tractor

good runner, Minus starter motor, Has belt pulley, no battery

4 photos
LOT 183
McCormick International AWD6

power Steering, Diesel, Starts and runs well, no battery

5 photos
LOT 184
McCormick International B250

3PL, Running order, no battery

6 photos
LOT 185
International W6

starts and runs well, American, no battery

5 photos
LOT 186
McCormick International OH56 Orchard

starts and Runs well, no battery

6 photos
LOT 187
McCormick International 660 Diesel

complete, starts and runs well, no battery

6 photos
LOT 188
John Deere 3010-3020 Tractor Industrial FEL

Power shift, 3PL, FEL, Engine starts and runs but knocking

6 photos
LOT 189
International W6 Industrial

FEL, Starts and runs well, operational, no battery

6 photos
LOT 190
Approx 1928 F12 Farmall

very rare, Complete not running

5 photos
LOT 191
LA Case Tractor Complete

starts and runs well, no battery

5 photos
LOT 192
Fordson Super Major 3PL

starts and runs well, no battery

5 photos
LOT 193
John Deere 1010 E Diesel

rare tractor, motor fully reconditioned, was running, fuel pump has minor issue, will try to rectify prior to auction; ring prior to auction for update, no battery

6 photos
LOT 194
Model B Styled

restored, good running order, no battery

5 photos
LOT 195
John Deere Model 60 Gasoline

rare tractor, running, 3PL, fuel tank and fuel bowl will need cleaning, no battery

6 photos
LOT 196
John Deere Model 70

Rowcrop tractor, restored, runs well, no battery

5 photos
LOT 197
John Deere 2130

starts, runs and drives, 3PL, Good tyres, no battery

5 photos
LOT 198
John Deere Model G

Wide Axle, Good runner, starts and runs well, one tyre perished, no battery

5 photos
LOT 199
Field Marshall Diesel

starts and runs, drives well, no battery

5 photos
LOT 200
Chamberlain 9G

starts and runs well, 3PL, no battery

5 photos
LOT 201
1988 2.4 Hilux

running order Rego UXJ 647 (not registered) wind caught door so it was not driven from then, no battery

3 photos
LOT 202
HJ45 Landcruiser Tub Body

starts, runs and drives good, rego WEV 198

3 photos
LOT 203
Commer Knocker Truck

reconditioned Roots Engine, minimal rust, great restoration project, runs and drives well, brakes suspect, no battery

3 photos
LOT 204
Acco 1830A 20ft Tray Top

Perkins Motor, starts, drives and runs well

5 photos
LOT 205
Chamberlain Super 90, Duals

starts, runs well, steering box off being reconditioned

6 photos
LOT 206
Versatile 935

duals 24.5-32 70%, Motor fully reconditioned, A/C done, good sound tractor

6 photos
LOT 207
Versatile 976 Tractor

duals 24.5-32 25%, Reconditioned motor, good honest tractor

5 photos
LOT 208
Furukawa FL90 loader with 4 in 1 bucket

Starts and runs well. 2WD only, no brakes. Pallet forks to suit

6 photos
LOT 209
LOT 210
2002 Quintrex 14ft boat

40hp motor, 4 stroke, done little work. Very good order, with trailer.

Reason for sale, upgrading. Ph John Byrne 0428 373896

3 photos
LOT 211
Kiki roller, 16ft x 5ft in excellent condition

Located at Balaklava, SA. Phone 0417 806 536 for more information or to arrange inspection

3 photos
LOT 211a
For more information on the following lots

Contact Geoff Bell 0433 289 490

LOT 212
Genesys Diesel Generator

6KVA, 215 amp outlets, 30 hours on the clock

2 photos
LOT 213
800L Diesel Tank

12v Pump, Fuel Meter and Dispenser (Trailer sold separately Lot 214)

3 photos
LOT 214
6x4 Trailer, 1Tonne Capacity

(Fuel tank sold separately Lot 213)

2 photos
LOT 215
90 Bag Seed Silo
2 photos
LOT 216
70 Bag Seed Silo
2 photos
LOT 217
Crump Super Spreader w Small Seed Box
LOT 218
For more information contact

Vendor, Ian Farley 0407 606 502
Scott Eichler 0408 869 394
Elders Murray Bridge 08 8531 9200