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Willowie - SA

Auction: Tuesday 21, September 2021, 06:00pm - FCS Online

FCS-Online Auction

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WILLOWIE Clearing Sale

Final Bidding - Tuesday 21st September 2021, from 6pm

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PVC pipe and various fittings
Cement, boards and tubs
K-line Harrow brackets
7ft x 4ft trade trailer

(3 doors), Registered 3 months

2 photos
750 Litre fuel cart

12-volt pump

3 photos
3x 30mm lip sieves

(off International PTO headers)

4x 13mm lip sieves
Header sieves

2x 10mm lip sieves, 40mm sieve, canola sieve, 6mm punch hole sieve

800 litre fuel tank
ECB aluminium (1930mm) bull bar
Hydraulic rams, single acting

6x 68” stroke x 2” rams  and  4x 82” stroke x 2” rams 

LOT 10
20” x 4” ram
LOT 11
Lincoln PTO welder

225 amps

2 photos
LOT 12
Crump 1000 spreader
2 photos
LOT 13
25mm x 25mm RHS and 25mm Galvanised pipe

3x 6.5m long, 25mm x 25mm RHS, 4x galv pipe 25mm, 5x galv pipe off cuts

LOT 14
Step ladder

(off a New Holland 9060)

LOT 15
Fire extinguisher and brackets
LOT 16
450 litre fibreglass tank
LOT 17
1000 litre mobile water cart
LOT 18
Goldacres foam injection unit

12 volts and 5 x 20 litres foam

2 photos
LOT 19
2000 litres poly tank

(2 inch fill)

2 photos
LOT 20
3x poly tanks
2 photos
LOT 21
10x Fence posts
LOT 22
Heavy tow hitch
LOT 23
Roll of mesh

2400 wide, 200x200

LOT 24
Yamaha DT175 motorbike


2 photos
LOT 25
Wheels and axle off MacDon transport kit
2 photos
LOT 26
235/75/15 Tyres and rim from Jeep
LOT 27
2x 6.70/16 Tyres and rims
2 photos
LOT 28
3x Jockey wheels
LOT 29
John Shearer air seeder hopper

3t, hydraulic drive, cameras in bins

3 photos
LOT 30
John Shearer air seeder hopper

3t, hydraulic drive, cameras in bins

3 photos
LOT 31
John Shearer 30ft 170 scarifier

53 tyne, K-line rotary harrows, knock-on knife points

4 photos
LOT 32
Drive shafts and pedestal bearings
LOT 33
Various PTO shafts
LOT 34
Hino truck exhaust


LOT 35
Tractor exhaust, 75mm and various panels
LOT 36
2x International rotary screens and 1 spare screen
2 photos
LOT 37
LOT 38
7x Creo rails

10ft x 4-5 inch

LOT 39
3x Station Cyclone 5/70/90, 500m rolls

3 full rolls (1 damaged) and 2 part rolls

2 photos
LOT 40
4x 6/70/45 Cyclone rolls

4 full 200m rolls, and 2 part rolls

2 photos
LOT 41
6x part rolls of 7 line Cyclone
2 photos
LOT 42
3x Plain wire

750m, 3.15mm

LOT 43

101x Waratah 95cm spacers, 70x 107cm Waratah spacers, 19x 93cm poly droppers, 110x 94cm Cyclone spacers

2 photos
LOT 44
100x 4ft 6in Star droppers
LOT 45
154 used star droppers
159 Heavy T railway posts

6 wire holes

LOT 46
36 Fibreglass posts and 3 rolls of electric fence tape, 200m
LOT 47
8x metal sheets

1.8mm thick (2.4 x 1.2)

LOT 48
Gate hardware

25x gate latches, 3x hinge sets, 10x 100cm x 16mm galvanised threaded rod

LOT 49
Cyclone Strainers x2
LOT 50
Chicken wire, fascia strips x 3
LOT 51
2x Silo doors, 1 Galvanised sheet 1.8 x 1.2m x 3mm
LOT 52
2x 3mm steel sheet

1.6m x 920mm

LOT 53
2x Clamp style pallet forks
LOT 54
Assorted rims and tyres

4x 13inch rims, 2x 10inch rims, 235/75/15 tyres and rims

4x 14in x 7in chrome rims to fit Holden HQ - WB
LOT 55
26 inch rim
2x 20 inch heavy split rims
LOT 56
20 inch rim

(early International header)

LOT 57
9.00/20 Truck tyre
LOT 58
2x 14.9/24 Header steer tyres
LOT 59
3x 18.4/42 Tractor tyres


LOT 60
14.9/26 Tractor tyre


LOT 61
23.1/30 Tractor tyre


30.5 x 32 Header Tyre
LOT 62
15x Galvanised iron sheets

3.65m (used)

LOT 63
3x Galvanised iron sheets

6.3m (used)

LOT 64
19x Galvanised iron sheets

2.7m and 2.4m (used)

LOT 65
19x Galvanised iron sheets

3.96m (used)

LOT 66
Various galvanised iron sheets x6
LOT 67
4x Galvanised iron sheets

(3.96m x .86m) and various short sheets

LOT 68
C-section and RHS off cuts

Various galv C-section off cuts, 50mm x 50mm galv RHS off cuts

LOT 69
18 Shearer heads, 55 secondary hose, 8 primary hose
LOT 70
5 strainer posts, pipe off cuts
LOT 71
22x Pine posts
2 photos
LOT 72
Proline hydraulic post hole digger, Pengo cutters
2 photos
LOT 73
Gravel or Fertiliser hopper
2 photos
LOT 74
4x galv RHS

6.1m x 70mm x 70mm

3 photos
LOT 75
10x galv 3inch pipe

5.5m and 3 painted

3 photos
LOT 76
Scaffolding and stands
LOT 77
580 flat droppers, 4ft 6in
LOT 78
Various steel and pipe
LOT 79
Various lengths of railway iron and steel posts
LOT 80
H-iron various lengths
2 photos
LOT 81
H-iron various lengths
LOT 82
WITHDRAWN -TPW 2000kg scales

WITHDRAWN due to electronic malfunction

LOT 83
Honda/ Davey pump 5.5hp
LOT 84
Honda pump 5.5hp
LOT 85
Flexicoil 6x heads, pipes and fittings
2 photos
LOT 86
61 loose hose lengths

30m 25mm x 32mm hose

LOT 87
LOT 88
Flexicoil 1720 Air Cart parts
LOT 89
Hydraulic fittings
LOT 90
Cable and springs
LOT 91
2x 20 litre Case coolant


LOT 92
Solenoids and Computer spray parts
LOT 93
John Shearer air seeder parts
LOT 94
Oversize signs, revolving light, and rope
LOT 95
LOT 96
LOT 97
New 1½ inch fire fighter hose and cam lock fittings
LOT 98
4x 5 litres, new 10W30 Caltex engine oil

(1 opened)

LOT 99
3 plastic and 3 steel 20 litre Jerry cans
LOT 100
Grease gun with 14 cartridges
LOT 101
Grease gun with 15 cartridges
LOT 102
205 Litre drum pump and oil suction gun
LOT 103
5 scallop discs 600mm 1 ½” square centre and 2x 24 inch plain discs
2 photos
LOT 104
100 knock-on scari shears 7 and 9inch, 48 scari clips, 24 Lucerne points
LOT 105
181 M3 AgPoint 8inch shears
LOT 106
Chemical transfer hoses and parts, 12v pump and 240v water pump
LOT 107
Hardi Quick Mix (new pump 2020), 2 couplers, spare tank
2 photos
LOT 108
2x Hytran 20 Litre, unopened, 135H gear oil, unopened
LOT 109
Delo gear oil 80W90 x2 unopened, and 85W140
LOT 110
2x 10W-30 Engine oil (1 unopened), 80W90 oil (opened)
LOT 111
2 Feeder house jackshafts 1 new, front elevator slats, exhaust

(bubble up auger guards, grain elevator bottom door, new to suit Case IH header)

2 photos
LOT 112
Grain elevator chain, repeat elevator chain with sprockets and bearings

All new to suit Case IH 88 Header

LOT 113
New Rotary screen brush and 4 brand new bed augers and 2 used, to suit Case IH Header
LOT 113A
2 New Final drive shafts and 4 collars to suit Case IH Header
2 photos
LOT 113B
New rotor speed/fan speed motor for Case IH 2100, 2300 and 2500 series header
LOT 114
2 large front concaves to suit Case IH 88 Header, 1 with lip
LOT 115
16 Cast high lift crop lifters
LOT 116
12 Cast low complete (suit Case 1010), 17 separated crop lifters
LOT 117
35 spring steel Universal lifters
LOT 118
18 Primary Sales Flexi boots and 49 Primary Sales steel boots
LOT 119
14 steel boots (suit Shearer 170) and spring parts
LOT 120
110 M8s 6inch shears most new, some with T.A.C.A
LOT 121
47 M8 knife points, 7 Maxi-point knife points, 38 cast wedges, 57mm centres
2 photos
LOT 122
Air filter and regulator, 205 litre pneumatic oil pump, low use
LOT 123
Electrical parts, 2 LED lights, 7inch monitor and 3 cables
LOT 124
Pins, bearing pullers, brass fittings
LOT 125
New Air, fuel, hydraulic filters to suit Case IH Magnum tractor
LOT 126
New Air, fuel, hydraulic filters to suit Case IH Header
LOT 127
Various chains and parts, new

1x A40, 3x A50, 2x 60 Heavy, 2x A50-2SR Duplex

LOT 128
Various hoses
LOT 129
LOT 130
Assorted bearings and pulleys
LOT 131
Mangle - tub - assorted collectables
LOT 132
Cream cans, bag fillers
LOT 133
7ft 6in x 3ft 6in Timber table
LOT 134
Metters wood oven
LOT 135
4 oil cans and bottles
LOT 136
Vacuum oil can, 4 gallon
LOT 137
Golden Fleece oil can, 5 Gallon
LOT 138
Veterinary kit with bag and chest
LOT 139
Old garden tools
LOT 140
LOT 141
Blacksmith forge blower
LOT 142
5 Ammunition boxes
LOT 143
Mulcher, fork, shovel and builders plastic
LOT 144
Ajax wool press
LOT 144A
Steel wool table
LOT 145
Timber pieces bin
LOT 146
Timber office table with 3 chairs
3 photos
LOT 147
3 wheel and 2 wheel bikes
LOT 148
Antique cot
LOT 149
Timber draught horse feed manger with legs
LOT 149A
Timber draught horse feed manger
LOT 150
Tyre chains, draught horse harness/blinkers
LOT 151
Old spanners
LOT 152
Old tools
LOT 153
Old files/pipe wrenches etc
LOT 154
Ball floats/ valves
LOT 155
1 concrete trough, 1 galvanised trough
LOT 156
Draw bars to suit Fordson Major tractor
LOT 157
International 3pt linkage ripper
LOT 158
Acacia hoop to suit Catford rear frame
LOT 159
Tree pusher
LOT 160
SR12 Howard cast tractor seat
LOT 161
Sunshine / H V McKay cast tractor seat
LOT 162
2 cast iron tractor seats
LOT 163
Tin tractor seat
LOT 164
Lanz Bulldog fly wheel cover, bulb heater
LOT 165
10 enamel light shades
LOT 166
Chains and weights
LOT 167
Wagon jack, chain pipe wrenches, chain vice
LOT 168
Oil and fuel pumps
LOT 169
2 toilet bowls, 3 dual flush cisterns (in the box)
LOT 170
Dog kennel, 2 water troughs
LOT 171
Steel wheels
2 photos
LOT 172
9ft x 5ft trailer hurdles
LOT 173
16mm coil heavy cable, 18mm coil heavy cable, pulley block
LOT 174
Single furrow plough, British Standard
2 photos
LOT 175
British Standard grader 7ft
3 photos
LOT 176
Combine float 8ft, 3PL
LOT 177
3 wheel trolley
2 photos
LOT 178
3m Sunshine gate
LOT 179
3.6m Sunshine gate
LOT 180
3 steel gates (3.85m, 3.75m, 2.4m)
LOT 181
Various lengths steel
LOT 182
Sundry steel
LOT 183
Sundry steel
LOT 184
Impact drivers, car ramps and tools
LOT 185
Pins, pulleys, plates, hooks
LOT 186
Assortment of nuts, bolts and washers
2 photos
LOT 187
Heavy U bolts
LOT 188
Clamps and U bolts
LOT 189
Tek screws, bolts, and rivets
2 photos
LOT 190
Work lights - most Hella type
LOT 191
Drum stand and lifter
LOT 192
Steel shelves
2 photos
LOT 193
Steel shelves 2460mm x 1380mm
LOT 194
Fire starter, x2 pitch forks
LOT 195
Cattle rail 28 lengths 6.1m x 98mm x 44mm
LOT 196
2 section concrete trough
LOT 196A
3 Section concrete trough
LOT 197
Antique bed frame
LOT 198
9x Colorbond sheets, 6.5m x 850mm and Mini Orb 3 x 5.6m
2 photos
LOT 199
Overhead diesel tank with ladder
2 photos
LOT 200
Colorbond Garden shed, 2.2m wide x 2m high, 1.5m deep
LOT 201
International 710 PTO grain cleaner, complete
3 photos
LOT 202
International 710 parts including gear box and elevator chains
2 photos
LOT 203
International 710 PTO grain cleaner
LOT 204
International 710 parts inc. gear box and elevator chains
2 photos
LOT 205
Seed and Super unit Reddings with Honda electric start, truck not included
3 photos
LOT 206
8 tonne Vennings silo
LOT 207
8 tonne Vennings silo
LOT 208
24 bag (approx) Vennings silo
LOT 209
24 bag (approx) Vennings silo
LOT 210
20T approx field bin
2 photos
LOT 211
Electric 15ft x 4inch pencil auger - motor not working
2 photos
LOT 212
28 tonne Sherwell field bin, double doors and removable hopper
2 photos
LOT 213
28 tonne Sherwell PTO field bin, 11 inch auger, double doors
2 photos
LOT 214
28 tonne 1411 Sherwell PTO field bin, 11 inch auger, double doors
2 photos
LOT 215
28 tonne Sherwell field bin, single doors
2 photos
LOT 215A
approx. 27 Tonne Blanchefleur Vetch, cleaned/ trace of Jemalong medic with no Radish or Bedstraw

Your bid price is for the entire 27 Tonnes, not per tonne

LOT 216
37ft x 7in Vennings auger, with hopper (needs motor)
2 photos
LOT 217
35ft x 9 inch Vennings auger

(new (23hrs) Honda 23hp V-twin electric start, 6000 pound electric winch) Tyres and intake flighting all replaced 2020

2 photos
LOT 218
31ft x 8 inch Parkes auger, 11hp Honda motor electric start, 6000 pound winch
2 photos
LOT 219
42ft Shearer harrows, 15 leaf
2 photos
LOT 220
27ft Fire harrows, 4 new tyres
2 photos
LOT 221
60ft Horwood Bagshaw harrows, 21 leaf, hydraulic fold, 3 new tyres
2 photos
LOT 222
Case International 1688 Header

6830 hrs total (3,230 hrs with 8.3L Cummins replacement long motor). Operators manual and parts book.

4 photos
LOT 222A
Case IH 88 grain tank extension with roll top tarp
LOT 223
MacDon 960 36ft draper front

with batt reel with Primary Sales knife guards and fingers, with trailer. Operators manual and parts book.

5 photos
LOT 224
1010 Case IH header front, 30ft tyne reel

incl Oster Eng. Comb trailer and cast crop lifters. Operators manual and parts book

3 photos
LOT 224A
Hexagon Pea sieve, 75 inch x 60 inch wide
LOT 225
Various spare parts for Case IH headers
LOT 226
Various MacDon 960 parts
2 photos
LOT 227
Various Case IH header parts, new
2 photos
LOT 227A
Various 1010 header front parts
LOT 228
60ft computer spray boom

has a Goldacres foam injection marker with 12v compressor (new Bertolini diaphragm pump  and Arag plumbing/filters in 2020)

4 photos
LOT 229
A4 Bedford tipper truck, engine running and tipper operates
5 photos
LOT 230
23ft x 8inch auger (not going) and 39ft x 8inch Parkes augers (not going)
2 photos
LOT 231
Loxton slasher 12ft
3 photos
LOT 231A
2 Vicon rakes in tandem, 2 new tyres
3 photos
LOT 232
Case IH 7240 Magnum tractor

235hp (7,865 hours) 3PL, 1000 PTO (20 spline, 1 3/4in), UHF radio, New rear tyres, operators manual

5 photos
LOT 232A
LOT 232B
Trimble FM-750 GPS with EZ steer controller and motor
LOT 232C
Trimble EZ guide 500 GPS with cables for EZ steer - current updates till 2020
LOT 233
International 3388 Snoopy tractor

155hp, 9200hrs, Operators manual. GPS not included. 

5 photos
LOT 234
A250 Acremaster International 250hp tractor

(10,260 hrs), 12.7L Mercedes V8 engine, fuel pump and injectors renewed at 8,380 hrs, new clutch 2020 and new tyres 2018. Operators manual and parts book

6 photos
LOT 235
Flexicoil Air Seeder

Flexicoil 5000 Air drill, 45ft, double fold, 61 tyne, 4inch press wheels, with 1720 Flexicoil tbh 5 tonne air cart, blockage sensors, bin cameras.  Operators manuals

6 photos
LOT 236
1,060 approx Cream house bricks
2 photos
LOT 237
200 approx Red house bricks
2 photos
LOT 237A
65 Boral retaining wall blocks
LOT 238
75x 5ft concrete posts
2 photos
LOT 239
24x 5ft concrete posts
2 photos
LOT 240
3 Briggs and Stratton V-twins, 9hp Briggs, Villiers
2 photos
LOT 241
New Holland Crop Chopper 36 forage harvester

needs new tyres 5.00/15

3 photos
LOT 242
2 Barbeques
LOT 243
Retro kitchen cupboard
2 photos
LOT 244
LOT 245
Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4WD

1997, running, transmission needs work, 459,000km

3 photos
LOT 246
Ford Courier 353,000km, needs repairs

running but needs new cam shaft and rocker arms, UHF radio not included

4 photos
LOT 247
Relic Wagon
5 photos
LOT 248
Relic Wagon
4 photos
LOT 248A

For information regarding the items below please ph 0427 807473

LOT 249
1986 Hino FC144 Diesel Truck with 18’ Steel Tray

Odometer 682044, Legal carrying capacity 5.6T

Registered until Feb 2022 between blocks and can be transferred to new owner with the same ‘between blocks’ restricted registration without undergoing a vehicle inspection

LOT 250
Genuine Lockable Hard Lid (white) for Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab

2009 Model or similar, comes with sports bar, fittings and keys.

Length 163 cm Width 145cm

LOT 251
6x 5 Stud Landcruiser Split Rims
LOT 252
2010 Suzuki Trojan Ag200 motorbike

runs but needs attention

LOT 253
Rover Ranger Ride on Mower

Briggs and Stratton 11Hp motor

In working condition but has a few tricks to get started.

Pull start works but needs a new one. 

LOT 254
for more information contact

Main Vendor, Warren McCallum 0428 666062


James Wardle 0407 362 105

Wardle Co, Crystal Brook