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Bethany - SA

Auction: Saturday 23, July 2022, 09:30am - Traditional

BETHANY Clearing Sale

Traditional Sale - Saturday 23rd July 2022 at 9.30am

Ford 4130 tractor with vine dodger
Massey Ferguson Disc
Berends Slasher
1976 Prattline pop top caravan
6 x 4 trailer
Grape bin trailer and bins
Carry All
Tool Bar
Large Peter Wright Anvil
Swage Blocks inc rare 4 sided swage block
Various Blacksmith Forges
Various Blacksmith Drills
Selection of Blacksmith Tools
Blacksmith Vice
Early Lathe
Large Bellows and Blacksmith Tools
Stationary Engine Transports
Vintage Iron Sheet Roller
Old Horse Drawn Ploughs and Vine Burning Cart
Antique Cast Iron Tree Surround Seat
Antique Gates inc Simpson Adelaide Gates
Antique Scales and Decoy Ducks
Antique Gas Light Cast Bracket
Old Horse Hames and Saddle items
Old Advertising Tins and Enamel ware
Oil Bottles in Racks and Oil/Grease Tins
Wooden Sheep Gates
Cast Iron Trough
Horse Drawn Cart
Old Stick Leg Benches
Wooden Boxes
Various Cactus Plants in Pots and Old Red Bricks
Antique Doors
Antique Light Shades
Workbenches with Red Gum tops
Vintage Bicycles
Baltic Pine Boards
Old Counter and Old Workshop shelves
Antique Kitchen Dressers and Wardrobe
Old Cupboards
Antique Meatsafe, Table and Mirror
Huon Pine Antique Chest
Numerous Wine Barrels
Old Organ and Miners Couch
Old Cast Iron Name plates, Seed Box End and Traps
Treadle Sewing Machines, Antique Drawers and Table
Old Lanterns and Wooden Pullies
Old Irons, Trivets and Mincers
Milk Cans, Vintage Vacuum Cleaner and Vintage Nestles Vendor Serving Tray
Silvan Sprayer and Wire Spinner
Vintage Lawnmowers
Old Garden Tools
Preserving Jars
Old Bottles and Toy Mobo Horse
Cement Wash Troughs
Drill Press and Welder
Vintage Angaston Football Club Guernsey and Badge
Farm Gates
Large Blacksmith Tools
Garden Seat and Tin Trunk
Qty Scrap Steel, Brass and Copper
Antique Cast Plough Seats, Cow Bells and Cast Water Pump
Small Cart and Eartherware Pots
Old Kettles and Watering Cans
Cross Cut Saws and Mangle
Wagon Wheel Rims and Large Wheels
New Treated Pine Square Posts
Numerous Quality Plant Pots
Antique Grindstones and Sack Trucks
Old Advertising Signs
Wooden Trunks
Petrol Air Compressor
Old School Desk, Wooden Box and Ladder
Wooden Posts
Boxes of Bedford Truck Parts
Wash Tubs and Enamel Light Shades
Steel Wire Baskets
Antique Highchair, Cot and Rocking Chair
Mesh Sheets
Pine Cupboard and Antique Clocks
Greenfeed Cutters
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James Falkenberg  0413 274240

Falkenberg Auctions

Falkenberg Auctions
James Falkenberg
0413 274240