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Delamere - SA

Auction: Monday 29, August 2022, 06:00pm - FCS auctions



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LOT 0a
DELAMERE - Monday 29th August 2022

Timed Online Auction with FCS Auctions 

Final bidding Monday 29th August from 6pm 

Pre-bidding available from Wednesday 24th August from 10am

2x Tilley Kerosene Radiators
3x Cast iron boot scrapers
2x Glass Soda Streams
Cast iron coach steps, counterweight
Box of cast iron bath legs and hitches
Cast iron shoe lasts and box of shoe repairs and heels
Antique Brass garden sprayers
2x Cast iron pots
Meat hooks, rabbit traps and scythe and antique wire strainer
LOT 10
Brass shop bell


LOT 11
2x cast iron Tractor seats
LOT 12
Cast iron Black Smith pulleys, tynes and tools
LOT 13
2x Boxes horse shoes, antique hinges and door hardware
LOT 14
Assortment of collectable chains
LOT 15
4x cast iron pots
LOT 16
Fire surround and wood boxes and tools
LOT 17
Antique pedestal fan


LOT 18
Assorted wooden boxes

2 x wooden tool boxes

LOT 19
Electricity insulators
LOT 20
2x Metal sea chests

Metal ammo box and small metal box

LOT 21
2x boxes of Antique tools and sundries
LOT 22
WWII ammunition and gun case
LOT 23
2x boxes

(1 metal )

LOT 24
Travel cases

(2 leather)

LOT 25
Box of leather sharpening straps, collars and belts
LOT 26
Cane laundry baskets and Jute/ hessian bags
LOT 27
Amscol milk crate with old locks

watering can and sundries

LOT 28
Assortment tins, pots and metal dishes
LOT 29
Assortment storage containers
LOT 30
Sundry gardens, broom heads and brushes
LOT 31
Garden saw and sundries
LOT 32
Assortment of Plastic cords and sundries
LOT 33
Assortment of nuts, bolts, nails and sundries
LOT 34
Assortment of screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers
LOT 35
Complete set of Robusta tools
LOT 36
3 socket sets
LOT 37
Bench Pro 2000 Champ system
LOT 38
Assortment of tools
LOT 39
Grinding wheels and pipe vice
LOT 40
Electric drills

and assortment of drill bits

LOT 41
Saw blades and metal cutting blades
LOT 42
Wood carving tools and Chisels
LOT 43
Jumper leads and assortment of clamps
LOT 44
Tow balls and foot pump
LOT 45
LOT 46
Cyclone Air Compressor

(Brand New)

LOT 47
Long handle Bolt cutters
LOT 48
Car Jacks
LOT 49
Joint Master MK2 saw guide
LOT 50
Trailer guide
LOT 51
Broom handles
LOT 52
Axes and axe heads
LOT 53
Pick axes and pick axe heads
LOT 54
Assortment of garden tools
LOT 55
LOT 56
Gardens shears
LOT 57
Long handle loppers
LOT 58
Plastic rakes
LOT 59
LOT 60
2x crow bars
LOT 61
Antique hand auger

Plus oversize key

LOT 62
"LYCO" post hole Auger

and post hole Driver with 2 augers, Instruction manual, Purchased 2008

3 photos
LOT 63
Howard " Nugget" Rota slasher 6ft

Plus manual, Purchased 2008, (good Condition)

2 photos
LOT 64
Honda Rotary Hoe FR800
2 photos
LOT 65
Trailer Spray Unit

Honda GC160 Petrol motor, 400Ltr Tank, hose and boom with manual

2 photos
LOT 66
Kawasaki Workhorse 360 with roll-bar

872 hrs, Auto, unleaded petrol with Silvan 50Ltr spray tank

2 photos
LOT 67
Greenfield 17.5HP ride-on-mower Fast cut 32
2 photos
LOT 68
John Deere utility cart 10AT
2 photos
LOT 69
Hardi 100Ltr spray tank with reel and boom unit

Suitable for Quad Bike

LOT 70
Thunderbird Agricultural weighing system PS3000

with weighing platform and manual

LOT 71
Briggs Stratton Firefighter

5HP petrol

LOT 72
Sheep weighing crate and race
2 photos
LOT 73
Howard 500 super spreader
LOT 74
Sheep Hay crate, metal and mesh
LOT 75
Sheep Hay crate, metal and mesh
LOT 76
Sheep Hay crate, metal and mesh
LOT 77
Berends 20 Tyne Cultivator

11 ft Approx. with seed box attachment (old, rusted)

LOT 78
Polymaster 450Ltr Approx. 9ft Trough
LOT 79
Polymaster 450Ltr Approx. 9ft Trough

(cover missing)

LOT 80
Polymaster 450Ltr Approx. 9ft Trough
LOT 81
Polymaster round trough with 450Ltr tank
LOT 82
Tribe 13.5 two-person Kayak

and two paddles

LOT 83
Rolls of Poly pipe and hoses

assortment of lengths, sizes and types

LOT 84
Colourbond sheets Approx. 5ft
LOT 84a
Colourbond sheets and 2 Perforated metal sheeting
LOT 85
Galvanised sheeting
LOT 86
Galvanised sheeting and C-channel assortment of lengths
LOT 87
Colourbond sheets and Z Purlins

(up to 13ft)

LOT 88
PVC storm water pipes
LOT 89
9 gates of various sizes
LOT 90
Norton cattle gates 2x 2.4metre and 1x 600m (new)
LOT 91
Norton farm gates 5 x 3.6metre
LOT 92
Norton farm gates 2 x 4.2metre
LOT 93
Steel Carry-all Approx. 6ft
LOT 94
6x 10ft rails 4/5 inch
LOT 95
6x 8ft post 4/5 inch
LOT 96
Various lengths of tubing 3x3 galv

up to 10ft

LOT 97
Star droppers

(some galv approx. 5ft)

LOT 98
Approx. 80 post 6ft 4/5 inch
LOT 99
Strainers 6x 7ft plus rail
LOT 100
Horse drawn single furrow plough
LOT 101
Harrows trailing single
LOT 102
Metal wagon wheels
LOT 103
Cast iron axle, wheels and sundries
LOT 104
Cast iron sundries
LOT 105
TV antenna, metal, approx. 30ft
LOT 106
Barkoo Homestead Plastic Dog Kennel
LOT 107
Steel and mesh garden Arch
LOT 108
LOT 109
Off set Disc plough
LOT 110
Berends post hole Auger 8inch
LOT 111
Tandem trailer with stock crate

needs work

2 photos
LOT 112
Waratah Longlife wire netting 120cm x 5cm x 1.4m
LOT 113
Whites Wires heavy galvanised 120cm x 4 cm x 1.4m (50 metres)
LOT 114
Whites Wire netting 60cm x 4cm 1.4m (50 metres)
LOT 115
Waratah wire 2 x 4.00m (500 Metre)
LOT 116
1 large roll of fencing wire
LOT 117
Assortment of fencing wire
LOT 118
Chicken wire/netting 6ft

part roll

LOT 119
Wood, steel and plastic Spacers
LOT 120
Gallagher wire spinner dispenser and with part roll wire
LOT 121
Hoop iron
LOT 122
Rural Poly pipe and drip line
LOT 123
Plastic container and hose
LOT 124
Metal container/box to fit Quad Bike
LOT 125
Metal filling cabinets
LOT 126
3pc BBQ in box
LOT 127
Antenna, laundry basket and mop bucket
LOT 128
Various locks and door knobs
LOT 129
Hand shears for sheep and tie-down straps
LOT 130
Brass curtain rings and rod Plus jars
LOT 131
Various grades of sand paper and tiling tools
LOT 132
3 Garden ornaments
LOT 133
Box of small picture frames with pictures
LOT 134
Ceramic water filter
LOT 135
LOT 136
Large glass Urns/ Jars
LOT 137
Preserving unit
LOT 138
Two doors from a shipwreck
LOT 139
Antique iron and wooden ironing boards
LOT 140
4 Old petrol/oil cans
LOT 141
Kitchen saucepan and frypans
LOT 142
Assortment of teapots and Fly traps
LOT 143
Kitchen utensils and spice rack
LOT 144
Light globes and adhesives glues
LOT 145
Assortment of kitchen glassware and plates
LOT 146
Assortment of vases, kitchen utensils and plates
LOT 147
Light fittings and brass clock
LOT 148
Assortment of Kero Lamps and lamp wicks
LOT 149
Assortment of brass plates and bowls
LOT 150
Old film cannister with films
LOT 151
Assortment of motor bike and car gear
LOT 152
Antique stoneware/ earthenware pots
LOT 153
Leather tanning kit
LOT 154
Quoits, classic rope game
LOT 155
LOT 156
Box of assorted ropes
LOT 157
Table clothes and Doilies
LOT 158
Kids toys
LOT 159
Kids wheel barrow
LOT 160
Blanket, electric jug, oven and urn
LOT 161
Cricket bat and pads
LOT 162
Drawing and office gear
LOT 163
Electric fan and Electric portable Air Conditioner with remote

(not sure if working )

LOT 164
Old tickets and sundries
LOT 165
Rabbit or Guinea pig hutch

(good condition)

LOT 166
Chicken feeders and drinkers
LOT 167
Mesh portable animal enclosure
LOT 168
4 metal buckets
LOT 169
Assortment of school books, posters and boxes of paper
LOT 170
Boxes of books from 1960 to now
LOT 171
Books from Charles Dickens

plus Novels of fiction, non-fiction, crime and many more

LOT 172
2 Plastic Rubbish bins plus metal bin
LOT 173
Piano sheet music from the 1940
LOT 174
Various 1960/1970 school books
LOT 175
Assortment of gardening, Antique and bird books
LOT 176
Old National geographic magazine, and atlas of the world
LOT 177
War books including WWI
LOT 178
Boxes of assortment of books

(old joke books)

LOT 179
Boxes of various books and Router pantograph kit
LOT 180
Sunbeam electric double wool press
4 photos
LOT 181
6 copper pots
LOT 182
Wool classing table
2 photos
LOT 183
3-Tiered wooden shelf on wheels
LOT 184
Chainsaw Accessories and filing kit
LOT 185
Electa Mobile spray unit
LOT 186
Various screws and bolts
LOT 187
Davey Pump
LOT 188
Car ramps
LOT 189
Float value for trough
LOT 190
2.25 tonne Car jack
LOT 191
Automatic drinking bowl for dog, horse or chickens
LOT 192
Amp meter
LOT 193
Metal Jerry can

plus plastic jerry cans

LOT 194
Petrol pumps
LOT 195
Large grease gun
LOT 196
4 grease guns
LOT 197
Wire fencing strainers
LOT 198
Cyclone wire strainers
LOT 199
Various screws and string line
LOT 200
Sheep drench gun

plus various tags

LOT 201
Poly fittings and PVC fittings and poly sprinkles
LOT 202
Electric fencing unit

and various electric fencing gear

LOT 203
Electric fencing cord and post
LOT 204
Various garden fertilizer

including 3 large plastic drums with fertilizer

LOT 205
Alpaca shearing table with ropes
LOT 206
3 large shed brooms
LOT 207
Metal shelving unit
LOT 208
Metal shelving unit
LOT 209
Aluminium Multifold ladder
LOT 210
Stihl Brush cutter
LOT 211
Pro 460 Lawn mower
LOT 212
Victa Corvette 600 mower
LOT 213
Hoses and fittings
LOT 214
Timber ladder
LOT 215
Bulka bags
LOT 216
Large timber ladder
LOT 217
Metal single bed frames
LOT 218
Hardi Dux electric hot water system
LOT 219
Hydraulic pipe bender


LOT 220
Timber extension ladder
LOT 221
Beach shade and kids surf boards
LOT 222
Card table and 2 fold-up chairs
LOT 223
2ph compressor unit with accessories
LOT 224
Axe, 2 crow bars and shovel
LOT 225
Painted metal bins and metal chair frame
LOT 226
Clothes rack
LOT 227
New Pot belly stove
LOT 228
Ikea white shelving unit with baskets
LOT 229
Ikea white tall shelving unit
LOT 230
Timber book shelf
LOT 231
Tall timber book shelf
LOT 232
Side dresser with oval mirror
LOT 233
Timber wardrobe
LOT 234
Timber high chair with metal tray
LOT 235
LOT 236
Approx 1970 extendable dining table with 4 chairs
LOT 237
Farmhouse kitchen table

( with hole in top)

LOT 238
Outdoor glass table with 4 chairs and cushions
LOT 239
Table tennis table

with bats and balls in good condition

LOT 240
1960 lounge suite that fold out to sofa bed
2 photos
LOT 241
Approx 3x4m cream flora floor rug
LOT 242
Approx 2.5x 3m green flora pattern floor rug
LOT 243
3 lounge chairs
LOT 244
Timber round side table
LOT 245
Glass door TV cabinet
LOT 246
Metal sign " Malvern Star cycles"
LOT 247
Solid timber Table
LOT 248
Westinghouse bar fridge 40Ltr

on stand in working order

2 photos
LOT 249
3 door cupboard
LOT 250
Approx 1960 side board

in good condition

LOT 251
Green wardrobe
LOT 252
Timber cupboard with drawers

good condition

2 photos
LOT 253
Pre-lit Christmas tree


LOT 254
Oval Table with Glass top

(good condition)

LOT 255
Canvas WW11 camp stretcher
LOT 256
6 chairs in different types of conditions
LOT 257
1950 Wicker potty/commode chair and upholstered chairs
LOT 258
White/orange kitchen cupboard
LOT 259
2 timber chairs
LOT 260
6 assorted timber chairs
LOT 261
Wicker chair and white wooden chair
LOT 262
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Elders Normanville