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Eudunda - SA

Auction: Wednesday 1, December 2021, 06:30pm - FCS Online

Click on the 'catalogue' link above for the full sale details

LOT 0a
EUDUNDA Online Auction

Final bidding Wednesday 1st December 2021 from 6.30pm

Golden Fleece Home Lubricant 4 Fluid Ozs Tin
2 photos
Caltex Home Lubricant 4 Fluid Ozs Tin and Oil Can
2 photos
Old Solid Magazine Rack
Robin Hood Fireplace Screen
Old Solid Sideboard in great condition
Display Cabinet with Key
Pair of Old Bookcase Units
LOT 10
Corner Display Unit
LOT 11
Matching Units Set - 10 pieces
3 photos
LOT 12
Large Oval Mirror
LOT 13
Wine Pictures x3
LOT 14
Collingrove Homestead Picture
LOT 15
Horse Pictures x2
LOT 16
Pictures x3
LOT 17
Rectangular Mirror
LOT 18
LOT 19
Old Coffee Table
LOT 20
Single Bed Ensemble White
LOT 21
Australiana Picture
LOT 22
LOT 23
LOT 24
Royal Doulton Celebration of Queens 80th Birthday Commemorative Mug
2 photos
LOT 25
Tapestry Wall Hanging
LOT 26
Bedside Lamp
LOT 27
A Round Tuit Plate
LOT 28
Collection of Stamps
LOT 29
Full Dinner Set
LOT 30
Queen Anne Style Dressing Table
LOT 31
Fridge 244 Litre in working condition
LOT 32
Astor Tangematic Clothes Dryer
LOT 33
Westinghouse 431 Litre Fridge Freezer in working order
LOT 34
Royal Albert Old Country Roses Set of Crockery
LOT 35
Assorted Small Dishes
LOT 36
Assorted Cups and Saucers
LOT 37
Set of Johnson and Bros England Crockery
LOT 38
American Civil War Jug
3 photos
LOT 39
Royal Doulton Collectors Club Collection of Pouring Jugs
LOT 40
Ornamental Sets
LOT 41
Nautical Tankard with Lid
LOT 42
The Ashes Commemorative Tankard
2 photos
LOT 43
Plate and Jug
LOT 44
Jack In The Box, Jewellery Box and Christmas Ornament
LOT 45
Cake Plate, Condiments Set and Lolly Barrel
LOT 46
Assorted Crockery Pieces
LOT 47
Americas Cup Tankard and Trophy Piece
LOT 48
Fosters Melbourne Cup Phar Lap Plate
2 photos
LOT 49
Serving Bells
LOT 50
Ornamental Cow
LOT 51
Carnival Glass Dish
2 photos
LOT 52
Large Shell
LOT 53
Ornamental Dancing Ladies
LOT 54
Royal Doulton Assorted Tea Sets
LOT 55
Tea Cups and Saucers
LOT 56
Rose Basket Heavy Ornament
LOT 57
LOT 58
Assorted Vases
LOT 59
Royal Albert Mans Best Friend Plates x2
LOT 60
Plates x3
LOT 61
Royal Albert Moss Rose and Winstone Set Pieces
LOT 62
Royal Doulton Roses and Wattle Set Pieces
LOT 63
Elephant and Egg Ornaments
LOT 64
Florence Tea Set Pieces
LOT 65
Soup Terrines x2
LOT 66
Blue Blown Glass Plate and Vase
LOT 67
Assorted Trinkets
LOT 68
Childrens Crockery Set Pieces
LOT 69
Blown Glass Golfer
LOT 70
Dessert Dishes
LOT 71
Dishes x2
LOT 72
Jugs and Dishes
LOT 73
Jugs x2
LOT 74
Robert Gordon Magnolia Plate
2 photos
LOT 75
Condiment Pots and Wooden Wall Hanging Piece
LOT 76
Assorted Vases
LOT 77
Boomerang and Small Ash Scoop
LOT 78
Old Gold Framed Flower Pictures
LOT 79
Bird Pictures x2
LOT 80
Pictures x2
LOT 81
Clown Picture
LOT 82
Waders On The Beach Picture
LOT 83
Tapestry Pictures
LOT 84
Pictures x2
LOT 85
Geisha Pictures x3
LOT 86
Modern Prints x2
LOT 87
Movie Poster
LOT 88
Record Collections
LOT 89
Early Barbie Collectables
LOT 90
Books on 3 Shelves
LOT 91
Books on 3 Shelves
LOT 92
Riverton Church Picture and Books
LOT 93
Books on 3 Shelves
LOT 94
Assorted Autobiography Books
LOT 95
Assorted Books
LOT 96
Books on 3 Shelves
LOT 97
Books on 3 Shelves
LOT 98
Books on 2 Shelves
LOT 99
Kids Corner Books and Games
LOT 100
Australiana Books x4
LOT 101
Australian Books x2
LOT 102
Charles Darwin Book The Origin of Species
LOT 103
Masonic Holy Bible
LOT 104
Handbags x3
LOT 105
Mettoy Playthings Old Metal Dolls House and Garage in box
LOT 106
Squatter Australian Farming Game
LOT 107
Slide Projector
LOT 108
Squire Fender J Base Guitar
LOT 109
Childrens Guitar
LOT 110
Leadlight Bureaux / Sideboard
2 photos
LOT 111
Solid Wooden Bookcase or Shelf
LOT 112
Kriesler Bakerlite Radio
LOT 113
Bedside Cabinets x2
LOT 114
LOT 115
Wertheim Sewing Machine
LOT 116
Record Player with Records
2 photos
LOT 117
Bentwood Chairs x4
LOT 118
Hall Table
LOT 119
Old Captains Chair
4 photos
LOT 120
Old Chair
LOT 121
Display Cabinet and Shelf Unit Pair
LOT 122
Leaf Table
LOT 123
Computer Desk and Office Chair
LOT 124
Fender Base Amp
LOT 125
Glass Topped Outdoor Setting with 10 Chairs
LOT 126
Swingers Jim Beam 1 Gallon Bourbon Bottle
LOT 127
Propellor Wine Bottle Holder
LOT 128
Glomesh Bags
LOT 129
Bread Tin
LOT 130
Bathroom Cabinet
LOT 131
Retro Lights x5
LOT 132
LOT 133
Retro Keyboard
LOT 134
Childrens Guitar
LOT 135
Ashton Ukulele
LOT 136
Dominoes and Cups
LOT 137
Bread Box, Whisk, Old Toaster, Corer and Tray
LOT 138
Ornaments and Sundry Items
LOT 139
Post Magazines x10 approx
LOT 140
Shredder and Sewing Machine
LOT 141
Coleman Chalise 9XLCV Tent on Wheels
LOT 142
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
LOT 143
Small Table and 2 Camping Stools
LOT 144
Letter Organiser
LOT 145
1946 allied Forces Cut Out Book
2 photos
LOT 146
Logitech Gaming Console
LOT 147
Walking Sticks x2
LOT 148
Split Cane Crutches and other Crutches
LOT 149
Golden Fleece Drum 5 Gallon No Top
2 photos
LOT 150
Golden Fleece Tins 1 gallon No Top
2 photos
LOT 151
Golden Fleece Multigrade Drum 5 Gallon with Top
2 photos
LOT 152
Golden Fleece Supreme Motor Oil 5 Gallon with Top
2 photos
LOT 153
Deeply Etched Advertisement for GATTORNAs
3 photos
LOT 154
Enamel Agfa Sign
LOT 155
Convexed Enamel Advertising Original Phoebus
LOT 156
Mobil 1 quart Tin Unopened
LOT 157
Old Petrol Bowser Gauge
LOT 158
Round Steat or Foot Stool
LOT 159
Old Intercom
LOT 160
Assorted Crockery
LOT 161
Bronze Gun Cleaning Brushes
LOT 162
Frosted Glass Panel 1500 x 640mm
LOT 163
Assorted Ornaments, Antique Mouse Trap, Red Advertiser Shop Counter Bells
LOT 164
Hi-Li Electric Vaporiser and Willow Tin
LOT 165
Assorted Cast Pieces, Padlocks and Keys and Wooden Engine Coil
LOT 166
Brass Grease Gun
LOT 167
Glass Oil Lamp and Old Musical Jar
LOT 168
Jar of Pennies with 3 Florins and 3 Shillings
LOT 169
Lace and Dollies
LOT 170
Studio LPs and Beethoven album of Records
LOT 171
Assorted Ashtrays and Ceramics
LOT 172
Dressing Table Mirror
LOT 173
Plaster Ornaments
LOT 174
Original Antique Dunny Door
LOT 175
Deep Fryer - As New
LOT 176
Old Bakelite, China and Brass Electrical Fittings
LOT 177
SA Dog Registration Tags 1961-63 never used
LOT 178
Box of 500 B5 Sized Envelopes
LOT 179
Early 1900s Wooden Suitcase with Brass Fixtures
LOT 180
Mixed Bag Assorted Sundries
LOT 181
Large Old West Wall Clock
LOT 182
Golden Fleece Hanging Ram Kerosene Box
2 photos
LOT 183
Primus Wooden Box
LOT 184
Towing Mirrors and Cleaner
LOT 185
Leadlight Cupboard Fronts
LOT 186
Carburettor and Oil Pump
LOT 187
Vintage Wall Phones
LOT 188
Cowboy Movie Posters
2 photos
LOT 189
Single Iron Bed with Rails
LOT 190
Washstand Top with Pink Tiles
LOT 191
Electric Oil Heater Clean and Tidy and Swivel chair
LOT 192
Commonwealth Railways Toolbox and Station Flags
LOT 193
Old Cardboard Vintage Car Insurance Sign
LOT 194
Box of Old Books
LOT 195
Box of Old Tools
LOT 196
Assorted Old Lamps and Building Brace
LOT 197
Big Beaver Compressor and Light
LOT 198
Coopers Super X Tin cut open
2 photos
LOT 199
Bucket of Old Furniture Castor Wheels and Pulleys
LOT 200
Glass Case with Antique Military Buttons, Medallions and Memorabilia
LOT 201
Box of Various Old Mechanio and Assorted Old Items
LOT 202
Old Colouring Books and Story Books
LOT 203
Old Toys, Marbles and Playing Cards
LOT 204
Old Books and Etchings
LOT 205
Large Tarp with "The Block" promotion

18ft x 9ft

LOT 206
Kite Kit, Shell Road Map and Books
LOT 207
Janome Sewing Machine
LOT 208
Black and decker Drill and New Door Furniture
LOT 209
Camel Harness Neck girth and Strap
LOT 210
Depression Cupboard (Green)
2 photos
LOT 211
Wooden Horses x2
LOT 212
LOT 213
Lumix and Fugi Digital Cameras
LOT 214
Lamp and Lamp Shades - Metal, Glass and Ceramic
LOT 215
LOT 216
Racing Bike - As New
LOT 217
Hanging Light
LOT 218
Kids Wooden Horses
LOT 219
Wooden Toys and Toy Pool Table
LOT 220
Old Toy Cars, Bits and Pieces
LOT 221
Assorted Wooden Toys
LOT 222
New Kids Micro Science Chemistry Set
LOT 223
Old Kids Toys, Lego and Meccano
LOT 224
Board Games x7
LOT 225
Operation Game
LOT 226
Elephants x2
LOT 227
Large Enterprise Mincer
LOT 228
Large Mincer
LOT 229
Roman Water Jugs x2 with Flowers
LOT 230
Play Pen
LOT 231
Electric Work Station
LOT 232
Assorted Kitchen Items
LOT 233
Pop Up Sprinklers, Gas Hose, Bin and Guttering
LOT 234
VN Commodore Tail Lights and Indicators
LOT 235
Large London Pottery Jar
LOT 236
LOT 237
Hardwood Writing Bureaux
2 photos
LOT 238
Kegs x 2
LOT 239
Feuerhand and Lanora Lamps
LOT 240
Eudunda 1971 Golf Club Trophies
LOT 241
Dietz and Lamora Lamps
LOT 242
Bolinder Number 10 Mincer
LOT 243
Pope Number 2 Mincer
LOT 244
Pair of Bagging Shears
LOT 245
KLG Spark Plug Tin - empty
LOT 246
Various Old Collectable Tools
LOT 247
Holden Jack
LOT 248
Boot Last - unusually shaped
LOT 249
Old Jack with handle
LOT 250
Collectable Tools
LOT 251
Grandads Tools
LOT 252
3T Jack
LOT 253
Brace and Bit, Files and Planes - as good as you will find
LOT 254
Penthouse Collectable Port Bottles
LOT 255
Poulan Petrol Chainsaw with spares and oils
LOT 256
Penfolds Wine Box and Dip Tin
LOT 257
LOT 258
Large Tin Bath
LOT 259
Small Tin Bath
LOT 260
Medium Tin Bath
LOT 261
Staykold Eskys x2
LOT 262
Leadlight White Kitchen Cabinet
LOT 263
Leadlight Kitchen Unit
LOT 264
Pfaff Sewing Machine Cupboard
LOT 265
Original Meatsafe in good order
2 photos
LOT 266
Meat Saw 240v and Blades
3 photos
LOT 267
Blacksmiths Post Vice - Very Large
LOT 268
Backpack Sprayers x2 with new pumps
LOT 269
Dolls Chair
LOT 270
LOT 271
Gramophone Box and Parts
LOT 272
CoolGardie Glycol Beer Chiller

with Double Beer Fount and Chiller Plate

3 photos
LOT 273
LOT 274
Girls Bike Helmet and Seat
LOT 275
Retro Trolley and Table
LOT 276
Old Church Pew
5 photos
LOT 277
Old Church Pew
5 photos
LOT 278
Old Church Pew - with slight leg damage
5 photos
LOT 279
Old Church Pew
5 photos
LOT 280
Old Church Pew
5 photos
LOT 281
Old Church Pew
5 photos
LOT 282
Gelignite Boxes x4
LOT 283
Enamel Milk Buckets x2
LOT 284
Cream Can R Zander Vinevale
2 photos
LOT 285
Cream Can VR Schulz Kapunda
2 photos
LOT 286
Cream Can Welke Brinkworth
2 photos
LOT 287
Enamel Chamber Pots x2
LOT 288
Milk Bucket and Lid
LOT 289
LOT 290
Glass Rain Gauge and Pot
LOT 291
Old Wooden Box and Arnotts Tin
LOT 292
Collectable Penthouse Port
LOT 293
Old School Bagging Needles and String
LOT 294
Extension Lead 48m and Penfolds Box
LOT 295
Jerry Cans 10L x2 and Pourer
LOT 296
Mobil Oil Tin Bucket
LOT 297
Mobil 4 Gallon Oil Tin
LOT 298
Mobil Tin Bucket
LOT 299
Rectangular Mirror

900mm x 580mm

LOT 300
Ryobi Pressure Washer
LOT 301
Old Rabbit Traps x 11
LOT 302
Old Rabbit Traps x 11
LOT 303
Old Dingo Trap
LOT 304
Old Bottles

Including JA and AG Johnson Oakbank, Jacka Bros Melrose, Cunliffe and Paterson Melbourne and Baby Bottles

LOT 305
Assortment of Old Chemist Bottles
LOT 306
Old Chutney Bottles

Including John Wiper, SA Fruit Grower, Sunland Renmark Drink Bottle and Bickfords

LOT 307
Old Pickle Jars, Beer Bottles and NT Bottles

in 2 boxes

LOT 308
Old Bottles

including Cohns Bendigo

LOT 309
Old Tricycle Frame Parts, Fireplace Tongs and Old Copper
LOT 310
Wooden Decoy Ducks x 2
LOT 311
Old Lamps, Buggy and Bike x 2
LOT 312
Bagshaw and Land Rover Plates
LOT 313
Vintage Glasses and Goggles
LOT 314
Old Tins and Jewellery
LOT 315
Cow Bell
LOT 316
Hunters Kit
LOT 317
Old Wheelbarrow and Assorted Tools
LOT 318
Ammo Box
LOT 319
Painters Easel
LOT 320
Jerry Cans x 4, Fan and
LOT 321
Klaxon Horn and Car Trims
LOT 322
Old Jack, Tins and Glass Based Oil Lamp
LOT 323
Assorted old Serving Trays and Cutlery
LOT 324
Old Alcohol advertising Trays and Coin Dispenser
LOT 325
Old Coal Oil dispenser and Funnel
LOT 326
Assorted old Collectable Tins
LOT 327
Oil Cans, Funnels and Dipper
LOT 328
Assorted Collectables including Irons
LOT 329
Assorted Brassware
LOT 330
Assorted Ornate Cast Pieces
LOT 331
Assorted vulcanizer Clamps
LOT 332
Various earthenware Jars
LOT 333
Retro Chair and Cast Pot with Sundries
LOT 334
Old Implement Seat
LOT 335
Assorted Sundries in 2 boxes
LOT 336
Assorted old jars and Cups
LOT 337
Green feed Cutter, BP Tin and Shovel
LOT 338
Push Bike Parts
LOT 339
For more information contact

Budgie Schiller 0437 795190

Katie Preston 0408 809 259

BML Auctions Eudunda