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Greenock - SA

Auction: Saturday 9, December 2023, 09:30am - Traditional



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GREENOCK - Saturday 9th December 2023 at 9.30am

Traditional on-site Sale -  14 Murray St Greenock

Inspection from 8.00am Morning of Sale

Registration from 8.30am Morning of Sale

Inspection and Registration also day prior 12pm to 5pm

Vintage Roadmaster caravan
Vintage Viscount caravan
8 x 5 tandem trailer


6 x4 trailer


6 x4 tool/camping trailer with boat
Anvil and forge
Vintage enamel ware
Antique butter churn, desk and mixer
Antique gates
Old buckets
Preserving jars
Assorted wirework old pots and jars
Vintage table
Assorted antique cupboards
Antique fire grates
Old wheels and cast iron troughs
Quad bike
Old doors and bed frames
Vintage kitchenware
Old stencils
Old bottles
Old scales
Old plough
Large qty of old boxes
Antique traps
Old oil tins and enamel light shades
Blacksmith tools and garden tools
Childs garden setting
Plants stands and pots
Cement troughs
Fire grate and pots
Vintage caneware
Aluminium scaffold
Pressure washer and generator

(new unused)

Assorted workshop items
Large toolboxes
Metal shear
Asst chainsaws
Drill press
Large socket set
Asst wheels and tyres
Wine barrel stands
Gas heater
Petrol air compressor
Pressure pump
Old bicycles
Vintage velvet lounge suite
Vintage highchair
Scrap metal
Dog kennel
Old sheets of iron
Old records
Garden seat
Garden setting
Vintage lazy susan in box
Garden ornaments
Rainwater tanks
Old ladders
Old garden cultivator
Old wood box with cast ends
LandCruiser bull bar
Raised garden bed frames
Shed door frames
Roller door
Antique chairs and tables
Drying rack
Asst pavers
Large farm gate
Old square tank
Old wheel and farm gates
Asst toolboxes
Old farm tools
Echo chainsaw
Vintage pruning snips
For more information contact

James Falkenberg  0413 274 240

Falkenberg Auctions

Falkenberg Auctions
James Falkenberg
0413 274240