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Paringa - SA

Auction: Wednesday 16, June 2021, 7:00PM - FCS Online

A/c Hoods Agrimotive
Norm Hoods "Heart Attack" Reduction Sale

Agents comments: Don't worry, Norm is alive and kicking but has been advised to reduce his work load and will be concentrating on New Machinery Sales.
Norm will hold another sale later in the year.

For more information contact
Vendor Norm Hood 0427 839687
Curly Golding 0429 676059
Nutrien Loxton

Leon/Morris Tyne Assemblies x10

Near new

Linkage Ripper

with Seedling sowing tube

Single tyne ripper

---- on consignment

Forklift Mast

9ft, and tynes. Estimate capacity 1 ton

Sanders 9ft, 1 Tonne Front Fork lift

with subframe (MF?) and 2 lever control valve and tynes with tilt ram. As Traded.

2 photos
Linkage Carryall

with Wooden Floor and Stand for hanging air hose on. 1600mm wide

2 photos
Galvanised steel welding bench

with vise plus metal circular stand

2 photos
Vine Pruner

Extreme Heavy Duty with hydraulic raise and lower front mast/mount. 55" Cutter Bar

3 photos
Vine Pruner

with front mounted, no hydraulics, mast. 36" Cutter bar. Heavy duty.

2 photos
LOT 10
Hesco Hydraulic Power Pack

460mm wide x 300mm deep, 600mm High with Internal pump, Flow control valve. New pump seals fitted. Flow tested - 10gpm/45lpm. (JC7732).

4 photos
LOT 11
Linkage Cultivator

7 Coil Tyne Heavy Duty. Points need replacing. Working width =1.9m

3 photos
LOT 12
Massey Ferguson 538 Linkage Heavy Duty Cultivator

9 tyne - Centre tynes removed for vegetable cultivation. Working Width = 2m. Removed tynes included.

3 photos
LOT 13
Front End Loader Grape Bucket

1690mm wide.

3 photos
LOT 14
Spray tank

200ltr fibreglass, AR PTO pump, controls

3 photos
LOT 15
Hardi 8m SB Boom
2 photos
LOT 16
Hammermill with Trailing kit

hay chute and cyclone with twin bagging chutes.

3 photos
LOT 17
2 tyne Heavy Duty Ripper

Parabolic Tyne design      ---- on consignment

4 photos
LOT 18
Rapid Spray 800lt Diesel Poly Tank

with 12V pump, hose and gun. Has been dismantled, thoroughly cleaned and tested.

2 photos
LOT 19
Fuel tank with manual pump

1840mm long x 870mm Dia.

2 photos
LOT 20
Fuel tank

1530 long x 940mm Dia.

2 photos
3x Display stands
3 photos
Hose reel storage/display rack
2 photos
LOT 21
Covering Harrows

4 section with towing bar. (Tynes - 4 wide, 3 deep)

3 photos
LOT 22
Covering Harrows

4 section with towing bar. (Tynes - 4 wide, 3 deep)

3 photos
LOT 23
International GL14 Trailing Disc

Greaseable bearings - as traded condition.

3 photos
LOT 24
International GL14 Trailing Disc

Fully dismantled for reconditioning, sandblasted, new sealed disc bearings, new scallop disc plates, new disc axles, new wheel bearings, new wheel axles, seal kit fitted to hydraulic raise ram. (JC7456)

6 photos
LOT 25
Heavy Coil Packer

has been reconditioned, sand blasted, painted and new bearings. Working width = 1.7m

2 photos
LOT 26
Nufarm 1200lt Trailer Sprayer

single axle with springs, foam Marker and 12m boom. Electric solenoid on boom hoses. As traded.

4 photos
LOT 27
Croplands 2000ltr Airblast Sprayer Tank and Chassis

Ideal weed sprayer unit

3 photos
LOT 28
Caravan Anti-sway bars and brackets
2 photos
Silvan P50 Turbomiser Fan, Gear box, air chutes
2 photos
LOT 29
Heavy Harrow sections x5

Points in very good condition. (Tynes - 4 wide, 5 deep)

2 photos
LOT 30
Harrow sections x6

Horwood Bagshaw. (Tynes - 4 wide, 4 deep)

2 photos
LOT 31
Heavy Harrow sections x2

Points good condition. (Tynes - 4 wide, 4 deep)

2 photos
LOT 32
UnderVine Weeder Mount

foot valve, Needle valve

2 photos
LOT 33
Heavy Coil Tynes

1 pr and clamps. 1" x 1" tynes.

LOT 34
Truck 15" split Rims

1 pr. Heavy duty hubs and stubs. 75mm square, 5 stud, 5/8" studs.

2 photos
LOT 35
Harrow hubs and stubs, 2pr

with wheels and tyres

2 photos
LOT 36
John Shearer 4 row Extension Frames, 1 pr

630mm wide extension each.

LOT 37
Grader Cutting Edges x5

4 x 2130mm, 1 x 1820mm   ---- on consignment

Citrus oscillating sprayer and tower

4 diaphragm pump, manual sprayer controls, ceramic nozzles  ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 38
Wyles Scarifier

24 tyne with hydraulic ram, greased where required. (JC7495)

3 photos
LOT 39
Truck Heavy Stub assemblies, 1pr

55mm square, 5 stud, 5/8" studs.

LOT 40
Wire Cable

(as new) approx 30m x 16mm diameter. Used Cable approx 26m x 23mm diameter.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 41
Very Heavy Anchor Chain

11.7m. Links 230mm L x 40mm section.

LOT 42
Ford 5000 Tractor Linkage Arms and Levelling Assembly
LOT 43
Case 2390 Draw bar Assembly

1.36m long, 70mm x 45mm section

LOT 44
Horward EMU 70inch Rotavator

with Selectatilth gearbox -as traded

5 photos
LOT 45
UnderVine Weeder Knife and Frame

with hydraulic ram.

2 photos
LOT 46
Patterson UnderVine Weeder

with Hydraulic tilt, hydraulic valve assembly and mouldboard plow

2 photos
LOT 47
Furrower Components, tyne and marker disc
2 photos
LOT 48
Steel Depth Wheels

1pr with screw adjustors.

LOT 49
Front Wheel Cast Weights x 2

massive weight x 1 - perfect boat mooring anchor.

3 photos
LOT 50
Tandem Hitch for Hay Rakes

with 15" wheels.   ---- on consignment

LOT 51
New Holland Super 56 Trailed Rolabar Rakes

as traded.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 52
New Holland Super 56 Trailed Rolabar Rakes

as traded.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 53
18 tyne Bridledraft Scarifier

Has hydraulic ram mounts but no ram. Working order - Also "Rustic Art"

3 photos
LOT 54
Metters 1500ltr Airblast Sprayer

with high pressure piston pump as traded.

3 photos
LOT 55
Fibreglass Tank and Chassis

approx 1200/1500ltr. 1 new 20inch tyre. Wheel bearings fully serviced

2 photos
LOT 55a
Silvan 800 Ltr Linkage Sprayer - 58 Lpm Silvan diaphragm pump

   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 56
Horwood Bagshaw 9 section Harrow Frame

(no hydraulic ram)

5 photos
LOT 57
Truck Ladder/Pipe storage box

7.3m x 0.6m x 0.35m

LOT 58
Truck Component box

2.4m x 0.6m x 0.45m

2 photos
LOT 59
International Combine 24 row Under Carriages sections

(48 tyne assembly)

3 photos
LOT 60
New Berrigan Heavy Duty Chisel Plow Harrow x2

with dual mount, 4 row. 1450mm working width.

4 photos
LOT 61
New Berrigan 3 row Finger Harrows

2 adjustable mount arms, 2 rigid mount arms, 3 cross bars with tynes. 1220mm Working width, no harrow tynes.

4 photos
LOT 62
New Berrigan Heavy Chisel Plow Harrows

3 row. No mount arms, 1450mm working width.

2 photos
LOT 63
Connor Shea EC Cultivator bar

65 tyne in very good condition. 33ft.

4 photos
LOT 64
Goldacres 2300lt Trailer Sprayer

with tandem walking wheels, UDOR 135ltr/min pump and foam marker, 24m boom. As Traded

5 photos
LOT 65
Nickolai/Pata Heavy Duty Linkage Blade Plow

5 tyne. Fully dismantled for reconditioning, sand blasted, painted, new coulters and bearings, new blades. Working width=4m (JC7594)

4 photos
Silvan Vineyard AirVolute with nozzles
2 photos
LOT 66
Covering Harrows

4 section with towing bar. (Tynes - 4 wide, 3 deep)

3 photos
LOT 67
Connor Shea Rotary Harrows

7 head/arm assemblies.

2 photos
LOT 68
Linkage Round Bale Carrier

with un-rolling spikes.

2 photos
LOT 69
Bale Elevator

Very good condition.

3 photos
LOT 70
Linkage Fertiliser Spreader


2 photos
Silvan Over Row Sprayer Air Duct Tubes, x14

160mm OD 1x1600, 11x850, 2x610

LOT 71
Vicon PS302 Vari-Spreader

with Hydraulic engagement.

3 photos
Vicon Spreader conversion frame

Linkage to trailing - with PTO extension shaft.

3 photos
LOT 72
Linkage Cultivator

9 Coil Tyne Heavy Duty with Railway iron levelling bar. Working width = 1.6m plus additional tynes when fitted. Good condition.

2 photos
LOT 73
Linkage Cultivator

30 tyne, 2550mm wide.

3 photos
LOT 74
New Spierco Urea/Seed dropper box
2 photos
LOT 75
Massey Ferguson TEA20 Belt Pulley

1and1/8 inch spline. Fully serviced (rare as rocking horse poop) (JC7638)

2 photos
LOT 76
PTO Belt pulley

1 and 3/8 inch spline, 4 hole mount.

LOT 77
MF Post Hole Digger

Linkage, 12 inch auger and 14 inch auger, auger drive extension depth shaft

3 photos
LOT 78
Gantry Trolley

adjustable width, 3 ton capacity

Tractor cabin protection frame
3 photos
LOT 79
International 3 plate Deep Digging Disc

Disc assemblies fully dismantled, new bearings, seals and felt seals fitted. 27" discs. Has mounts for hydraulic ram angle adjustment - no ram fitted. (JC7612)

2 photos
LOT 80
Front End Loader, Pivoting Frame

to suit grader/pusher blades.

3 photos
LOT 81
Front Mount Hydraulic Sliding Side Mounting Assembly

for Post Drivers/Post hole Diggers, etc. Approx extension length of 1m. Very heavy construction.

3 photos
LOT 82
Kneverneland Hydraulic Vine Sweeper

Fully adjustable with mounting to fit a Front End Loader plus a parking stand. Hydraulic width adjustment. Shafts can be removed to fit brushes.

4 photos
LOT 83
Vine Trimmer

4ft Cutter bar

2 photos
LOT 84
Daniel Harvey 3 furrow mouldboard plow

toolbar mounted

Truck load binders x 6

good straps

2 photos
Truck load binders x 5

good straps

2 photos
LOT 85
Forklift mast

tynes, tilt rams and controls. Estimated capacity 4 to 5 ton with twin tilt rams. Industrial mast.

2 photos
LOT 86
New Mobile Pencil Auger

4" diameter, 4.8m. Long - made for Fertiliser - never used.   ---- on consignment

4 photos
LOT 87
Yakka Hoop

Heavy, wide blade.

3 photos
LOT 88
Single Tyne Ripper

with adjustable depth tyne. CAT 2 linkage.

2 photos
LOT 89
Ripper Tyne with Heavy Delver Plow
LOT 90
Mouldboard Plow Cheek shares x7
LOT 91
Mouldboard Plow Cheek shares x8
LOT 92
Massey Ferguson 538 rear tynes x4

with good points. Good condition.

LOT 93
Massey Ferguson 538 front tynes x4

with good points. Good condition.

LOT 94
New Leon/Morris Tyne assemblies, x9

7 with double ended chisel points.

2 photos
LOT 95
Leon/Morris Tyne Assemblies, x9

Very little use.

LOT 96
Linkage toolbar
2 photos
LOT 97
Dunlop Roadtrak Major

7.50X16 6ply on split rim - this tyre is 99.999% new. Landrover Collector Item.

2 photos
LOT 98
Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser rims and caps x 3

taken off the vehicle when new 16 inch x 8 inch.   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 99
Amiad Filter Housing and screens

240mm int diam, Not used since a fully ceramic coating has been applied internally.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 99a
LOT 100
Berends Linkage Post Hole Borer

6.5 inch auger, this unit has done very little work

2 photos
LOT 101
Grizzly VLO20 Vini Disc

in very good order, good discs. With Dirt Deflector plates.   ---- on consignment

4 photos
LOT 102
John Shearer Liteline Linkage Disc

14 plate Fully reconditioned, sandblasted and painted, new axles and sealed bearings, new scalloped disc plates

3 photos
LOT 103
Connor Shea Napier Coil Tyne Drill

2.7m working width. 18 row with trailing hitch and hydraulics, fitted with Baker Boots.

4 photos
LOT 104
Silvan - Cima MSD1 Mini Solf - Duster
2 photos
LOT 105
Hardi NK800 ltr Linkage Sprayer

fully dismantled for reconditioning, BK180 Controls, 3 boom sections, Hardi Self Cleaning Filter, fully reconditioned Hardi 1301-121lpm Diaphram pump, fully tested. (JC7523)

4 photos
LOT 106
Hardi SP 12 mtr boom fitted with triplet saddle assemblies

only 1 nozzle per saddle unit, Euro Quick Hitch fitted for mounting onto a FEL

2 photos
LOT 107
Seppi SMO150 Heavy duty Mulcher

very little use, fully checked over, new BareCo PTO cover, new gearbox seals fitted, machine serviced. (JC7685)

3 photos
LOT 108
Jarrett 6 ft Offset heavy duty slasher

adjustable side skids, 80hp Jarrett gearbox, fully serviced inc safety clutch, new blades and bolts, this slasher has not done a lot of work

3 photos
LOT 109
Jarrett GH240 Heavy Duty 8ft Grader Blade

with solid rubber trailing wheel, new bearings fitted. Very good condition. (JC7783)

2 photos
LOT 110
Howard - ProCut 6 ft linkage mower

fully dismantled for reconditioning, ideal for large lawns, golf course, schools etc. Mower spindles and gearbox fully dismantled and fully serviced. New bearings fitted to rollers. (JC7451)

3 photos
LOT 111
Mulcher with heavy flail hammers

centre or offset mounting, 1.75 mtr cut

3 photos
LOT 112
Pair 24” Rims – MF and DB etc
2 photos
LOT 113
Pair 24” rims – MF165 and DB, etc
2 photos
LOT 114
Fahse and Co Pneumatic Vegetable Seeder

“516 Duren” “Mini Air” 3 x 2 row Seeder units.

4 photos
LOT 115
Massano Culti Rapid Model CR225P

New discs fitted, has done very little work.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 116
Berends Mulcher

Fully dismantled, new rotor bearings and housings. Very tidy condition. Has not done a lot of work.   ---- on consignment

6 photos
LOT 117
Pellenc Hydraulic Pruner Mast and Subframe

support stand, 2 vertical 5ft heavy duty sickle cutter bars and over row 32inch hydraulic high speed blade cutters.

5 photos
LOT 118
Heavy Duty Linkage Cultivator

with Ryan Scarivator tynes with sweeps, 3 row, 9 tynes. Reconditioned, sandblasted and repainted. Working width=1850mm (JC7748)

3 photos
LOT 119
2x New Agmaster Rolling Spike Harrow Modules with Mounting frames

Working width 1300mm each.

3 photos
LOT 120
Connor Shea Covering Harrows with towing tube

(Tynes - 3 wide, 4 deep) Points very good condition.

LOT 121
6 Section Covering Harrows with towing tube

(Tynes - 3 wide, 3 deep) Points in excellent condition.

LOT 122
Western 3 row Finger Harrows

3 sections. Working width= 1 x 1380mm, 2 x 1950mm

2 photos
LOT 123
FlexiCoil 3 row Finger Harrows

5 section, 7 mounting bars. (2 x 1300mm, 2 x 1730mm, 1 x 1250mm)

3 photos
LOT 124
Versatile Noble Blade Plow

2 x 6ft blades, 2 x 5ft blades, with coulters. Tidy machine, as traded.

3 photos
LOT 125
Pata/Nickolai Engineering 3 leg vineyard blade plow

fully dismantled for reconditioning, new blades. new coulters and bearings, complete new depth wheels and pivots, sandblasted and painted (JC7743)


4 photos
LOT 126
Vertical Mixing pot

800mm Dia, 780mm Deep. Large stainless steel agitator paddles, 3phase electric motor.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 127

vines, 3000 Plus, majority have done very little work – Nelson Rio Blue/Blue. 2.3m width.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 128
Vine Trimmers / Cutters Heavy Duty

Mason 48 inch with hyd flicker, Sanders 48 inch - for side and row top. ---- on consignment

4 photos
LOT 129
Silvan Pendulum Spreader

Always shedded, very little use.   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 130
Fuel tank with manual pump and hose

1530mm long x 920mm Dia.

2 photos
LOT 131
Fuel tank with 12v Pump, hose and gun

Pump switch needs replacing. 1220mm long x 910mm Dia.

2 photos
LOT 132
Linkage Round Bale Carrier

(may have carried 20 bales)

2 photos
LOT 133
Linkage Round Bale Carrier

with un-rolling spikes.

2 photos
LOT 134
Mobilco Bale Elevator

new tyres and some spare chains.

3 photos
LOT 135
Hydraulic "Gizmo" mobile

, Nissan engine, Hydraulics galore, hydraulic front sweeper.

4 photos
LOT 136
Linkage Cultivator 23 tyne

+ 1 spare tyne. Working width=2m.   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 137
Massey Ferguson 520 Saw bench

Belt Drive, 29" blade. Collectors item.

5 photos
LOT 138
Front verticle mast with hydraulic ram

to suit vine trimmers, etc

2 photos
LOT 139
Rod Manning Vine Green Trimmer

with hydraulic flicker. 5ft Cutter bar. Mount bar and hoses. Good order.

2 photos
LOT 140
Front Forklift mast

approx 1.5/2 tonne capacity with tynes (According to previous owner it was fully reconditioned before trading) Industrail mast with tilt ram.

2 photos
LOT 141
2 Tyne Linkage Ripper

with fertiliser dropper tubes.

LOT 141A
Silvan P50 Turbomiser Fan, gear box, air chutes
2 photos
LOT 142
Heavy Duty 2 tyne Linkage Ripper

new tyne, bolts, nuts fitted

2 photos
LOT 143
Yakka Hoop

wide blade.

3 photos
LOT 144
Linkage Cultivator

9 Coil Tyne Heavy Duty. Working width = 2.1m

2 photos
LOT 145
Ford 5000 Belt Pulley

fully dismantled, new bearings and seals fitted, fully serviced. (JC7465)

2 photos
LOT 145A
COLLECTORS ITEM - Original Gason timber slatted, canvas roof tractor cabin
2 photos
LOT 146
PTO Belt Pulley

1 and 3/8 inch female spline. 4 bolt mount, oil replaced. (JC7786)

2 photos
LOT 147
Heavy Harrow sections x5

Points worn but still have a lot of use. (Tynes - 4 wide, 5 deep) in good order.

4 photos
LOT 148
Heavy Harrow sections x2

Points still good. (Tynes - 4 wide, 5 deep)

LOT 149
Harrow sections x9 - Horwood Bagshaw

Points worn. (Tynes - 4 wide, 5 deep)

2 photos
LOT 150
Berrigan Heavy Duty Chisel Plow Harrows

Cross bars and tynes. 6 Cross bars and tynes approx 20% worn. 1 x 2400mm, 2 x 2950mm, 1 x 2700mm, 2 x 1800mm.

4 photos
LOT 151
International Drawbar Assembly, linkage arms and levelling devices.
LOT 152
Covering Harrow

(Tynes - 3 wide, 5 deep)

2 photos
LOT 153
Anchor Chain

approx 7 m. Links 140mm x 25mm section.

LOT 154
Celli 77 inch cut Rotary Hoe

with multi speed gearbox. Tidy unit. As traded.

4 photos
LOT 155
Croplands 2000ltr Airblast Sprayer tank and chassis

Fully reconditioned AR160 diaphragm pump with 2 Braglia electric controls. Wheel bearings fully serviced, tank repaired. Independent axle suspension. (JC7760)

6 photos
LOT 155A
Steel Work bench with vise

2430 x 740 x 900h.

2 photos
LOT 156
Silvan Airblast Sprayer 1500ltr

3 diaphram pump plus Water jetter attachment. As traded Condition.

2 photos
LOT 157
Cast Iron Front Tractor rims

(pr) 6 stud, 115mmm Centre hole. 75mm Centre of stud to centre to stud.

2 photos
LOT 158
Linkage Harrow Folding Frame

approx 7m working width.

3 photos
LOT 159
New Holland 57 Linkage Rolabar Rake

---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 160
New Holland 57 Linkage Rolabar Rake

as traded.   ---- on consignment

3 photos
LOT 161
Horwood Bagshaw Folding Harrow A frame
2 photos
LOT 162
Horwood Bagshaw 5 section Centre Harrow Frame with arms
LOT 163
Horwood Bagshaw 5 section Wing Frame with arms
LOT 164
David Shearer/Horwood Bagshaw Harrow Wing Arms with Hubs

(one carry arm missing) 2 x 4 sections with arms.

LOT 165
John Deere 1610 Chisel Plow with Seeding Heads

2 new tyres, 35 tyne. Excellent condition, fully rebushed and pinned plus 1 spare tyne assembly and 5 new sweeps - "would be the best second hand 1610 Chisel Plow that I have seen in the past 20 years"

6 photos
LOT 166
Sundry Agric Rotary Hoe Top Mast

UnderVine Weeder Parts and Drawbar to suit MF tractor, Marker Devise, Top link.

2 photos
LOT 167
Large telescopic Hydraulic Ram

2730mm extended - 5 inch to 4.25 inch to 3.5 inch to 3 inch to 2.5 inch. 590mm closed.

LOT 168
Large telescopic Hydraulic Ram

2730mm extended - 5 inch to 4.25 inch to 3.5 inch to 3 inch to 2.5 inch. 590mm closed.

LOT 169
Fabro Weld Self Propelled Air Compressor

Motor not going - zero compression. Compressor oil replaced. Tidy unit. (JC7790)

2 photos
LOT 170
Hardi BA Mister Motor and Fan and Spray spout

Not sure if it has ever been used. (JC7791)

2 photos
LOT 171
Jarrett/Case 6ft Medium Duty Linkage Grader Blade

blade pivot shaft repaired. (JC7714)

5 photos
LOT 172
Berends 6 ft Heavy Duty slasher

adjustable side skids, fully reconditioned inc gearbox dismantled, complete new blade beam and blades fitted. (JC7628)

3 photos
LOT 173
Seppi OLS H200 Hyd Lineal side shift

2mtr cut, Inverter Gearbox, New body, re-lugged rotor, New flails, Handle up to 75MM material - fully reconditioned unit. (JC7689)

3 photos
LOT 174
Connor Shea Coil Tyne Coulter Drill

2.1m working width. 14 row, fitted with trailing kit and hydraulics, Baker Boots. Tidy unit.

3 photos
LOT 175
Simplicity Heads

2x 7 outlets, 1x 6 outlets, 4x Risers

2 photos
LOT 176
Clamps, Dual Wheels - Unverferth
2 photos
LOT 177
Spray boom offset arms x3
2 photos
LOT 178
Marshal BT4 Belt Spreader

twin spinners, fully checked over, new drive belt, new chain idler adjuster sprockets, kit fitted to engagement hyd cylinder

6 photos
LOT 179
Rapidspray 800lt Weed/Pest motorised sprayer

on galv skid frame with Petrol motor and 30ltr/min Bertolini Pump. Plus hose reel with hose and gun. New coil fitted into motor. Fully tested. (JC7701)

2 photos
LOT 180


Ledguard Cordon Cutter. Good condition with mount frame.   ---- on consignment

LOT 180a
Steel Bullbar

removed from 60 / 70 Series Landcruiser - has been sand blasted, primed and painted (now faded) - very well made and can have mounts altered to suit any vehicle.

2 photos
LOT 181
Mercedes Benz "2222 V Series" Truck

Not registered. 311811 klm showing. 4 Speed auto trans. 295/80 R22.5 tyres on steering axle. 10.00 x 20 tyres on tandem drive. Has a broken bottom leaf on RH front spring. UHF radio fitted. Flashing light fitted. Generally a tidy unit with a very small amount of rust in a couple of areas of the lower cabin. Inspection of this unit by appointment only at 354 Twenty-eighth St, Renmark - 0418 839 717.   ---- on consignment

6 photos
LOT 182
Bourgault 8810 Rear Tow Hitch for Airseeder

   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 183
Bourgault Sowing Heads, stands, pipes

   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 184
Bourgault Sowing Heads, stands, pipes

   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 185
Napier/ConnorShea Seeding heads and risers

6 x 9 outlets.

2 photos
LOT 186
Napier/ConnorShea Seeding heads and risers

6 x 8 outlets.

2 photos
LOT 187
Berends 18 Plate Linkage Disc

Good condition, CAT1 CAT II Linkage, Sealed bearings, original discs. Little use.

3 photos
LOT 188
100lt Silvan 12 volt Tank and Frame

plus 60Ltr 12 volt ATV spray tank and 2 metal stands.

3 photos
LOT 189
Genuine Bourgault Airseeder Heads x8

Cast iron, 11 outlets.   ---- on consignment

2 photos
LOT 190
Napier/ConnorShea 600/620 Airseeder air delivery tubes

dual hopper distribution outlets, various brackets and stands.

2 photos
LOT 191
David Brown 995 Tractor

3.6x38 rear Row Crop Tyres, new water pump fitted, engine serviced including filters, tractor checked over. A NEW battery will be fitted when sold. (JC7617)

6 photos
LOT 192
David Brown 996 4WD

Rowcrop Tyres. Engine fully serviced including filters, extensive repairs to front drive and differentual assembly, clutch removed and fully serviced. Transmission oil replaced. A NEW battery will be fitted when sold. (JC7575)

6 photos
LOT 193
John Deere 4630 Tractor - suitable for WRECKING.

Tractor was being used, Engine was running and then developed a big end knock, starter motor and 1 front stub axle/hub and wheel have been removed.
11.00 x 16 Front tyre is near new - 24.5 x 32 rear tyres are bald.
A crane will be required to shift this unit as I think it will be too heavy for our f/lift.

6 photos
LOT 194
Case 580 SK Turbo 4x4 FEL/Backhoe

(this is not and extender backhoe) 4 in 1 bucket, front fork lift tynes, new uni joints fitted to FWD. 7270 Hrs, Front tyres are bald. Generally good mechanical and hydraulic Condition for its age. A NEW battery will be fitted on sale. (JC13852).   ---- on consignment

6 photos
LOT 195
Case 1390 4WD

with DB Front End Loader with pallet forks. New front tyres. Cylinder head reconditioned, engine serviced including filters, transmission oil replaced. A NEW battery will be fitted when sold. (JC7616)

6 photos
LOT 196
Bobcat Skid steer loader

V4 Wisconsin engine, standard bucket, rear ripper tool bar but no ripper tynes. All hydraulic hoses have been replaced, new seat fitted. A NEW battery will be fitted when sold. (JC13451 and 14020).   ---- on consignment

4 photos
LOT 197
Croplands Pegasus 5000 Ltr

AR185BP hydraulic drive pump. Chem mixer pot. Hypro hydraulic fill pump. Filling “Pony” flow meter. Direct suction to Envirodrums. 18.4 x 38 Olympic Tyres 14 ply – 1 tyre is split and removed from its rim.   ---- on consignment

6 photos
LOT 198
Mobilco PHA Post Hole Borer

with Wisconsin model AENLD engine, very little use. Magneto Fully Overhauled, engine serviced, borer gearbox serviced. (JC7787)

5 photos
LOT 199
Transfer pump

Honda GX390 engine 13hp. Powamac 3 inch transfer pump with dual outlets - all fire brigade fittings. Large suction hose with screen. Large roll flat canvas style delivery hoses. Hose winding frame. I do not believe that this unit has done many hours work and it has been tested.   ---- on consignment

5 photos
LOT 200
Silvan Spotpak Sprayer

12 Volt with lance. Fully tested. (JC-WS)

2 photos
LOT 201
Aussie Pump

Honda GX160 motor. Water Force poly pump. Very tidy unit.   ---- on consignment

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LOT 202
Enviromist 60ltr tank and lance

600mm dome with brush and skirt - fully tested. Very tidy. (JC7780)

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LOT 203
Goldacres TRAYMATE 100ltr 12 volt sprayer

with hose and lance. 5.4 ltr min pump. Fully tested and a few minor components replaced. (JC7717)

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LOT 204
Enviromist spray dome

600 mm with curtain and brush. This unit may have been used 2 or 3 times.

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LOT 205
Enviromist spray dome

1050 mm with mounting arm.

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LOT 206
Spray Dome to suit UnderVine Weed mount

plus 2 other Enviromist spray domes with arms

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LOT 207
Duncan Seeder

Vineyard, immaculate condition. 10 Row Double disc seeder units with front coulters and rear press wheels - This unit is always kept in a shed and it is very clean and tidy.   ---- on consignment

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LOT 208
Manitou All Terrain Forklift

Model M230CP, 4000 Hrs. Cabin, 4 speed FWD/Reverser. Excellent mechanical condition. New steer tyres recently fitted. Seal kit fitted to RH mast ram. Additional external remotes fitted to operate hyd attachments - never used. Norm's personal machine - no longer required on his Citrus property.   ---- on consignment

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LOT 209
1 pr East West Engineering Fully certified slippers with safety lock pins

Used 4 times. Rated at 2000kg at 500mm load centres. To suit fork tynes 130 x 50 x 1400. Overall length 2400mm.   ---- on consignment

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LOT 210
Mercedes Vito Van

Turbo Diesel, 6 speed manual, Rego S894ANS, tow bar, 197194klm. Cargo barrier and cargo screens fitted. Front suspension bushes have all been replaced, drives beautifully, a good clean tidy vehicle. We purchased for our own use as a service vehicle, two days later the law changed to say we couldn't carry gas bottles inside a vehicle. Genuine sale.

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LOT 211
MF 356 Loader

Torque converter drive, BIG loader bucket. This unit has been cleaned and a fuel line replaced. A NEW battery will be fitted once sold. (JC7662)

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LOT 212
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