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Port Pirie - SA

Auction: Tuesday 16, November 2021, 06:30pm - FCS Online

PORT PIRIE online auction

Tuesday 16th November 2021 Final Bidding from 6.30pm

Water pump Ganga No: 4
Golden Fleece concrete ram
3 stirrup pumps
Draw knife, sickle, bag sampler, Kero pump
Meat saw and sieve
Scale weights 2x7lb, 2x14lb
Holden pictures

1930’s-1940’s vehicle adverts

Austral push bike
Metal box 900x520x550 deep
LOT 10
2x first aid kits (part contents) 2x cabinets
LOT 11
Safety equipment

4x hard hats, 2x witches’ hats, bunting, hi-vis vests, 3 signs

LOT 12
Makita circ saw, brand new in box
LOT 13
15-amp ext lead 46m
LOT 14
Husqvarna 440 chain saw

like new, recent service, ready to go, chain sharpened, spare bar oil and chain (sharpened) 

LOT 15
Old saw
LOT 16
Metal cabinet 6 drawers
LOT 17
Shelving 2.4x1.9x250 wide, lift off mesh screens
LOT 18
Wooden shelving 1850x1600x350 wide
LOT 19
Shelving 2.1x 900x460 wide
LOT 20
Shelving 2.1x 900x460 wide
LOT 21
3x empty tool boxes
LOT 22
Tarp 5.6mx3.5m
LOT 23
3x Poly tarps 3.7mx4.9m, 3.2mx4.4m, 3.4mx2.8m
LOT 24
Poly tarp 7.3mx5.7m
LOT 25
2x Poly tarps 2.7mx3.3m, 7mx4.6m
LOT 26
3 jerry cans, 1x5litre, 2x10litre, plastic can
Shell can, Mobil can, pourer
LOT 27
Bird cage
LOT 28
Pet carry box
LOT 29
2x sack trucks
LOT 30
2 step ladders
LOT 31
2 feeders, 2 drinkers
LOT 32
Buckets x6, peg bin
LOT 33
Jerry cans x6
LOT 34
Shovels x6
LOT 35
Crow bars x4, pry bars x5
Dog spike crow bar
LOT 36
Buckets, pan and billy cans
LOT 37
Old army bog mats x9 pieces
LOT 38
Stair stringers and handrail
LOT 39
Gates x3
LOT 40
Mesh panels x5
LOT 41
Walkway grating
LOT 42
Galv sheet metal strips, angle
LOT 43
Aluminium sheet offcuts
LOT 44
Stainless steel
LOT 45
Weld mesh, 4x3mx600, 2x1.9x900, 1x2.1x900
LOT 46
Weld mesh, 3x aluminium mesh
LOT 47
Trim deck 8x1500, panel deck 2x1400
LOT 48
Sundry cladding x10 sheets various lengths and profiles
LOT 49
Roller door panels 3x5.1x700
LOT 50
Porta power kit
LOT 51
3x 9” angle grinders (old but working) Qty flanges, nuts and spanners
LOT 52
CIG Clipper 2 plate cutter, 2.7m track

works ok but 2 hoses need replacing

LOT 53
Tool cabinet 6 drawers
LOT 54
9” angle grinder cutting and grinding discs
Grinding, cutting, buffing and grinding discs (various sizes)
Wire buffing brushes x3, cup brush, buffing discs x2
LOT 55
Cut off blades 9” x 1/16” x 7/8” x2 boxes
Drop saw blades x9
LOT 56
Electrode drying oven, working
LOT 57
Electrodes 1x2.5 316 stainless, 2x weld-all, 1x2.5 satin chrome
LOT 58
Electrodes 12x part packs
LOT 59
Electrodes x7 packs
LOT 60
Brass plate 1380x420x4
LOT 61
Threaded rod 3x12mmx2.5, 9x24mm various lengths
LOT 62
Concrete tools, bull float, spirit level, screed 2.4 long
LOT 63
Tool box and Assorted tools
LOT 64
Welding cable 22 metres, cable 20.5metres, welding leads x2
LOT 65
Welding helmets, r/h gloves
LOT 66
CIG Transmig 130 gas, gasless welder

set up running.8 gasless, spare .8 gasless wire, part spool.9 mig wire, tips and nozzles

LOT 67
Old tools x2 lots
LOT 68
Old tools x3 lots
LOT 69
Hand saws x2 boxes
LOT 70
3x long clamps
LOT 71
Saddles, cable lugs and joiners, pin clips
LOT 72
LOT 73
Oxy-acet regulators
LOT 74
Oxy-acet torches, hoses and tools
LOT 75
Oxy-acet cutting, welding, heating and gouging tips, hose fittings and tools
LOT 76
Old oxy torches
LOT 77
Hammers, mallets, handles
LOT 78
Magnetic drill hole saws
LOT 79
Ridgid 3/4 tube bender
LOT 80
Chain pipe vices x2
LOT 81
Ridgid 3/4 flaring tool
LOT 82
Brass fittings and valves
LOT 83
Morse Taper drill bits, 3-4 M.T Sleeve
LOT 84
Electrical sundries
LOT 85
Masonry anchors
LOT 86
Punches, chisels, drifts
LOT 87
Tyre levers
LOT 88
Assorted tools
LOT 89
8x grab kits

various contents, plastic kit box (empty), O-ring kit

LOT 90
Slide pullers, wheel bearing puller
LOT 91
Cable cutter, lug crimper, bolt cutter, Stillsons
LOT 92
2x clamps
LOT 93
2x H/D clamps
LOT 94
Clamps x18
LOT 95
Clamps x9
LOT 96
Clamps x10
LOT 97
LOT 98
Cable strainers
LOT 99
Measuring and marking out tools
6" Pipe welding clamp, T square, Flange Square and Assorted tools
LOT 100
6 drums
LOT 101
Hole saws
LOT 102
Curv-o-mark pipe profile marking tool

wrap around for pipe marking

LOT 103
Phos copper brazing rods, silver brazing, flux coated rods
LOT 104
String lines, chalk, magnetic clamps
LOT 105
Black and Decker electric drill 5/8 chuck
LOT 106
Makita sander polisher 700w
LOT 107
Pneumatic chisel gun
LOT 108
Shinano 1/2 drive impact wrench
LOT 109
Bosch drill

with r/angle drive attachment 3/8 chuck, r/angle air drill ½ chuck

LOT 110
Quantity sockets

½”, ¾” and 1” drive, 2 boxes

LOT 111
Old mine trolley rail x3 lengths
LOT 112
Pallet flat steel, angle
LOT 113
Pallet sundry steel
LOT 114
Pallet pipe 1 1/2, 2, 2 ½ up to 2.8 long
LOT 115
Steel plate 3.4m x 1.4 x 16mm
LOT 116
Heavy steel plates various thickness to 2"
LOT 117
Pallet heavy steel sections
LOT 118
Quantity star droppers and pegs
LOT 119
9x star droppers 1600 long, 14 various
LOT 120
Pallet assorted RHS, pipe 100x50 galv channel
LOT 121
Roller track 5x2.5, 15 rollers, various RHS
LOT 122
Pipe and conduit various lengths up to 3.9m
LOT 123
Drill rods and hammer picks
LOT 124
Mesh panels, 3.1 x 950, 2.3x 1m, 2.2 x1m
LOT 124A
Mesh panels 1300x900, 1500x900
LOT 125
Pallet assorted RHS, 100x50 gal channel
LOT 126
2” and 3” shafting, various solid bar
LOT 127
Pallet assorted steel
LOT 128
Mesh panels
LOT 129
RHS various size and lengths
LOT 130
Quantity channel
LOT 131
Pallet lifter
LOT 132
Old miners bucket
LOT 133
7 lengths 4x2 Gal channel

4.2 long, 2 lengths 4’ angle 3.9 long (ex-windmill deck)

LOT 134

1x RHS 75x50x3x5.6 long

1x RHS 75x75x3x4.4 long

LOT 135
Railway iron 4x 1.8, 1x2.3
LOT 136
4x railway sleepers x 3.5 long
LOT 137
Garden art
LOT 138
Old sash cord window cast iron weights, approx 55
LOT 139
2 beams 7.4 long
LOT 140
Z purlins, C purlins
LOT 141
Mesh panel 2.5x1.8
LOT 142
Cranking handles
LOT 143
Pallet sundries
LOT 144
Pallet punched plates, purlin cleats
LOT 145
2 pallets pipe clamps
LOT 146
6” blower fan
LOT 147
Pick heads, axes, hammers, splitter wedges
LOT 148
Old wire strainers and drill parts, bending clamp, vice (broken)
LOT 149
Steel plates and grill plates
LOT 150
Welder, pump and bandsaw
LOT 151
Hose reels with shortened hoses, 2 rolls hose
LOT 152
Old bottles (bulk lot)
LOT 153
Insulators x 4 crates
LOT 154
Bench 1550x1200x900high

Sheet metal top

LOT 155
Metal shears 5mm flat, 13mm round (bench sold separate)
LOT 156
Rigid pipe and bolt threading machine
LOT 157
Pipe bender, ½”-2” and flat bar attachment
LOT 158
Quantity cables with fitted ends
LOT 159
Pallet shackles, hooks and turn buckles
LOT 160
Electrical cables and leads
LOT 161
Pallet chains and dogs
LOT 162
Pallet assorted chain
LOT 163
Pallet bolts, nuts, washers
LOT 164
Pallet tech screws, screws, h/d bolts
LOT 165
Stainless steel fittings
LOT 166
Pallet bolts including high tensile
LOT 167
20’ shipping container (orange) contents sold separately
2 photos
LOT 168
20’ shipping container (blue) contents sold separately
2 photos
LOT 169
4 slings, 4 ropes, ratchet tie down
LOT 170
Mesh gate 2.1m x 1.6m
LOT 171
Wire slings and tie downs
LOT 172
Roll barbed wire, spacers, tie wire, electric fence fittings
LOT 173
2x stainless steel tanks
LOT 173A
Old furnace retort pot
LOT 174
Assorted tools
LOT 175
Assorted spanners in carry tray
LOT 176
Assorted tools
LOT 177
Assorted tools
LOT 178
Grundfos submersible pump (works well) 5.5m hose
LOT 179
Oxy hose on reel 20m
LOT 180
Part rolls shade cloth, plastic and Sisalation
LOT 181
2 wool pack frames, 3 wool packs, 19 hessian bags, 1 bulka bag
LOT 182
Pipe fittings, gas burner rings, bucket roofing nails, punches, chisels x2 tubs
LOT 183
Hydraulic pumps x2 (need oil, 1 ram leaking)
LOT 184
Screw props x5
LOT 184A
Steel plate

900x400x6, 1200x500x2, galv 1200x900x3, 1200x800x2

LOT 185
Caravan Viscount Nipper

4.3m overall length, reverse cycle aircon, 3 way 100 litre fridge, 2 burner gas cooker, microwave oven, rear awning, rego S854TBF until 10/22

3 photos
LOT 186
Pallet plastic wall sheets and 6x 1.9 Laser Lite corro sheets
LOT 187
Pallet fence capping 36x 2.4mtres
LOT 188
Pallet cast pulleys and wheel
LOT 189
Pair cast wheels 2’- 60cm dia approx
LOT 190
pallet cable 1 with 17m, 21.5m and roll 38m all app 20
LOT 191
4 cast theatre seat supports and barrow (garden art)
LOT 192
Stainless steel hopper sink 2.1m (good fish cleaning sink)
LOT 193
Hydraulic ram, pins and fittings
LOT 194
Sand stone
LOT 195
Safety barriers – aluminium x3
LOT 196
2 tin baths (need repairs)
LOT 197
Assorted cast bits, garden art
LOT 198
V-belts and roller chain
LOT 199
Camping equipment
LOT 200
Cam locks for containers and dogs
LOT 201
2 boxes gardening gear and size 9 boots
LOT 202
3 boxes sundries
LOT 203
1 pallet PVC pressure drain fittings
LOT 204
2 boxes, pressure and storm water fittings
LOT 205
2 boxes, screws, nails etc
LOT 206
Box hex drive bolts and sundries
LOT 207
2 boxes screws
LOT 208
2 boxes rivets and brass bolts etc
LOT 209
2 boxes small bolts and washers
LOT 210
3 boxes shackles, U-bolts etc
LOT 211
2 boxes brass and copper fittings and valves
LOT 212
2 boxes old handles, hooks etc
LOT 213
4-gallon Caltex drum (wooden handle) and tins
LOT 214
Box tools and set of ‘T’ hinges
LOT 215
Old spanners
LOT 216
2 boxes masonry tools and old spanners
LOT 217
Copper pan on cast stand
LOT 218
New stainless-steel cleaners sink
LOT 219
New zip hydro taps unit (boiling and chilled water)
LOT 220
2 toolboxes and contents
LOT 221
Jigsaw (working) sharpening stones, 3 mitre boxes
LOT 222
2 toolboxes and contents
LOT 223
1 box old saws, braces etc
LOT 224
Approx 1100mm x 580mm spring floor trolley on casters
LOT 225
Pile wooden boxes
2 photos
LOT 226
Farriers tool display including glass case
LOT 227
2 tin baby baths
LOT 228
Pair cast vintage pram wheels app 15” or 400mm dia
LOT 229
Pair earthenware jars and 4-gallon Adelaide Chemical Works bottle
LOT 230
Old plough seat and large hook and chain
LOT 231
Diabolo milk separator
LOT 232
Cream can (Eberhard Yacka)
LOT 233
Cast and Brass Caltex oil pump and drum display
LOT 234
2 shelves old bottles and jars
LOT 235
Old cardboard boxes
LOT 236
Paint tin collection
LOT 237
Tea tin collection and 2 Lipton spoons
LOT 238
Vintage drill display
LOT 239
Kero lanterns and parts
LOT 240
Vintage Rega tin and wood spray (rare)
LOT 241
Old meters and gauges
LOT 242
Military collectables
LOT 243
Collectable 2-way radios with original boxes
LOT 244
1950’s-60’s Holden toolkit and jack
LOT 245
Box old kettles and Brass stove
LOT 246
Bike carrier, baby seat, basket and tools
LOT 247
1950’s- 60’s Holden toolkit (equip GMH and Turner brands)
LOT 248
Display case app 1m x .6m x 8cm (sliding lid)
LOT 249
Display case app 750x620x120 (hinged lid)
LOT 250
Coopers 5lb dip tin
LOT 251
Lister (ace) hand piece box and bale hook
LOT 252
Shearing display
LOT 253
Display old medical items
LOT 254
Man-cave tool display board
LOT 255
Cooper shearing machine, engine running

brand new, cooling tank will be installed by auction

2 photos
LOT 256
100-year-old dining table

2.6m x 1.2m very sturdy but needs restoration

2 photos
LOT 257
35mm cameras and lenses, various cameras and equipment
LOT 258
Twin towers picture (man cave)
LOT 259
Ice cream containers and tins
LOT 260
Iron framed bed (manufactured by Simpsons Ltd Adelaide)
LOT 261
Vintage riding chaps (app 70 years old) adult size
LOT 262
Tobacco tin collection (app 50)
LOT 263
Tobacco tin collection (app 26 different containers) and advertising
2 photos
LOT 264
Tobacco tin collection (app 40 and lighters, pipes and papers)
3 photos
LOT 265
1.2 fl.oz Burrsthreo and 3 fl.oz 3in1 lubricating oil tin
LOT 266
Hoppe’s 3 fl.oz tin
LOT 267
Shell 4 fl.oz tin
LOT 268
Shell 4 fl.oz tin
LOT 269
Golden Fleece 4 fl.oz tin
LOT 270
Golden Fleece 1 lb grease tin
LOT 271
Golden Fleece H.C sleigh 1 pint tin
LOT 272
Golden Fleece gear oil 1 quart tin
LOT 273
Golden Fleece brake fluid 1 gallon tin
LOT 274
for more information contact


Lots 1 – 185       Syd Haldane      0414 634764

Lots 186 – 273   David Haldane   0419 866881


James Wardle 0407 362105

Wardle Co