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Tanunda - SA

Auction: Monday 25, October 2021, 06:30pm - FCS Online

Click on the 'catalogue' link above for the full sale details. Photos are below.

FCS-Online Auction

LOT 0a
TANUNDA Online Auction

Final bidding Monday 25th October from 6.30pm

Rockwell Belt Sander and Multitool

New in box

Bosch Drill, Ryobi Jigsaw and Cordless Drill
Sander, sanding Belts and Circular Saw
Sander and 2 x Drills
Flextool Demolition Hammer
Angle Grinder, Sander and Assorted Fixings
Daiwa Sea Line 400 Reel

New in box

Daiwa Silver 4000 and Daiwa Silver 2500 Fishing Reels in box
Quantity of Assorted Fishing Gear, Hooks, Lures, Reels etc
LOT 10
Assorted Fishing Gear in Wooden Boxes
LOT 11
Surfmaster Deliar Fishermans Tape Measure and Scale
LOT 12
Alvey Fishing Reel
LOT 13
Moulds and Brackets
LOT 14
Electric Fencing Sundries and PVC Fittings
LOT 15
Box of Galv and Brass Fittings
LOT 16
Box of Splitting Wedges
LOT 17
Bead Breaker
LOT 18
Winch 10T
LOT 19
Small Old Vices x 2
LOT 20
Bolts and Workshop Sundries

in 2 Wooden Boxes

LOT 21
Workshop Boxes of Bolts and Fasteners
LOT 22
Footprint Wrenches
LOT 23
Pipe Bender
LOT 24
Pipe Wrenches x 4
LOT 25
Engine Blower EB430
LOT 26
Husky 350 Chainsaw
LOT 27
McCulloch 250 Chainsaw
LOT 28
Chain and Pulley Block
LOT 29
Assorted Safety Gear Gloves and Goggles
LOT 30
Blue Master Cemont Dual Mig 150T and Welding Mask
LOT 31
Soldering Gear in 2 boxes
LOT 32
Ross 175 Amp Gas/Gasless Mig Welder and Consumables

As New

LOT 33
Transarc 140 Welder and Mask
LOT 34
Cigweld Welding Rods and Sundry Workshop Bits
LOT 35
Villiers Motor
LOT 36
Villiers Petrol Motor
LOT 37
Jap Motor and Pump
LOT 38
PTO Shafts
LOT 39
Assorted Lights and Electrical Gear
LOT 40
Godfreys Sewing Machine

in excellent condition

LOT 41
Chain Pipe Wrench
LOT 42
Old Vacuum Cleaners

in working order

LOT 43
Staplers and Handyman Tools

in 2 boxes

LOT 44
Socket Set and Assorted Workshop Sundries
LOT 45
Assorted Workshop Sundries
LOT 46
Complete Portamatic Primus Stove Set Up
LOT 47
Enamel Camp Gear, PAL Camp Cooking Plates in Wooden Box
LOT 48
Bedouri Ovens x 2

1 New, 1 Used

LOT 49
Camping Pots and Tins
LOT 50
Chook feeder and Assorted Ropes
LOT 51
Jacks x 3
LOT 52
Old Jacks x 2

(one Holden Jack)

LOT 53
Old Jacks x 4
LOT 54
Fixtures and Workshop Sundries
LOT 55
Electrical Fittings
LOT 56
Auto Body Kit and Socket Set
LOT 57
Early Sidchrome Set
LOT 58
Early Socket Sets x 2
LOT 59
Tool Box of Tools
LOT 60
Files and Tyre Levers
LOT 61
Bike Kit
LOT 62
Fixings and Workshop Sundries
LOT 63
Large Quantity of Drills
LOT 64
Drill Bits
LOT 65
Impact Driver and Pipe Flarer
LOT 66
Drill Press Vices
LOT 67
Bolt Extractors and Easy Outs
LOT 68
Set of Allan Keys and Torques
LOT 69
Weltra Record Screw Drivers
LOT 70
Torque Wrenches
LOT 71
Hand Bearing Compass, Vernier and Spray Gun
LOT 72
Calipers and Compass's
LOT 73
MicroSet Adjustable Reamer
LOT 74
LOT 75
Magnetic Base and Dial Gauges
LOT 76
Micrometres and Calipers
LOT 77
Calipers and Measuring Gear
LOT 78
Myford Lathe

on 3ft Bench with Attachments

3 photos
LOT 79
Shop Press 20T
LOT 80
Trolley Jack
LOT 81
Toolmac Drilling and Milling Machine

with Attachments

2 photos
LOT 82

1 Large, 1 Small

LOT 83
LOT 84
Box of Oil Cans
LOT 85
Box of Grease Pumps
LOT 86
Part Drums of Oil and Pump
LOT 87
Bundle of As New Extension Leads
LOT 88
Bundle of Extension Cords
LOT 89
Workshop Sundries
LOT 90
Pipe Vice and Lights
LOT 91
Workshop Sundries
LOT 92
Mini Vice Anvil
LOT 93
Measuring Gear and Tyre Lever
LOT 94
Assortment of Workshop Sundries
LOT 95
Brass Fittings, Multimeters and Old Lamps
LOT 96
Scott Aspen Helmet in Box
LOT 97
LOT 98
Matchboxes and Padlocks
LOT 99
Air Compressor


LOT 100
High Lift Jack
LOT 101
Storage Fridge
LOT 102

Part Filled with Multigrade Oil

LOT 103
Castrol Oil Tin, Vacuum Oil Top, Nepera Box
LOT 104
Amoco Drum, Shell and Gargoyle Tins
LOT 105
Tap and Die Set
LOT 106
Tap and Die Set x 2
LOT 107
P and N Tap and Die Set
LOT 108
Tap and Die Set
LOT 109
P and N Tap and Die Set
LOT 110
Workshop Cupboard
LOT 111
Old Oil Can
LOT 112
Abbott and Ashby 200mm Double Ended Grinder
LOT 113
Workshop Glues, Silicone, Valve Paste
LOT 114
Chisels, Wellies, Hacksaw, Pins and Assorted Handy Gear
LOT 115
G Clamps
LOT 116
Gasket Material and Automotive Bits
LOT 117
Workshop Organiser and Contents
LOT 118
Workshop Organiser and Contents
LOT 119
Hammers, Rubber Mallets, Pulley Block
LOT 120
Abrasives and Drill Sharpeners
LOT 121
Milling Machine Parts
LOT 122
Dividing Head

New and Toolbox

LOT 123
Fishing Rods
LOT 124
Shelving Unit
LOT 125
Heavy Welding Bench with Vice

Note photos of other items are separate lots not all included as one        

LOT 126
Oxy Set Trolley
LOT 127
Pipe Cutter, Tile Cutter, Bolt Cutter and Tools
LOT 128
Power Hack Saw
LOT 129
Winch 2.5T
LOT 130
Workshop Cupboard
LOT 131
Scrap Steel and Cable
LOT 132
Thicknesser Planer
LOT 133
Sharmango Forge
LOT 134
Pump and Wooden Boxes
LOT 135
Dunlite Portable Power 2KvA
LOT 136
Storage Fridge and Freezer
LOT 137
Double Tent
LOT 138
Length of Chain
LOT 139
Workshop Shelving
LOT 140
Hitachi Mitre Saw
LOT 141
Workshop Fixings and Sundries
LOT 142
Large Quantity of New and Used Fixings
LOT 143
Assortment of David Brown and Toyota Automotive Parts
LOT 144
Skill Router and Bits
LOT 145
Jumper Lead, Motorbike Tie Downs, Air Jack
LOT 146
Pumps, Spray Gear, Sewing Machine Motor
LOT 147
Woodworking Bench and Vice
LOT 148
Heat Gun, Drill Bits and Joiner

all in the cases

LOT 149
Angle Grinder 9 inch, Jigsaw and Gauges
LOT 150
Assorted Workshop Sundry Parts
LOT 151
Wood Working Tools
LOT 152
Wood Working Tools
LOT 153
Assorted Tins and Nick Knacks
LOT 154
Drill Bits
LOT 155
Wooden Planes
LOT 156
Chisels and Drills
LOT 157
Planes and Sharpeners
LOT 158
Vacuum Oil Box
LOT 159
Door Fixtures, Wall Plugs etc in 3 boxes
LOT 160
Red Comb Egg Box
LOT 161
Old Wood Wizard Lathe and Saw
LOT 162
Sash Clamps x 3
LOT 163
Levels and Tripod
LOT 164
Pipe Bender
LOT 165
Dust Extractor
LOT 166
Lida 254mm Table Saw
LOT 167
Mitre Saw
LOT 168
Window Frame Maker
LOT 169
Vacuum and Plume Oil Boxes
LOT 170
LOT 171
Pacemaker Woodworker
LOT 172
CB's, Aerials, Drills
LOT 173
LOT 174
Durden Router
LOT 175
Assorted Timber
LOT 176
Gargoyle Wooden Box
LOT 177
Red Comb Egg Boxes x 2
LOT 178
Plume Wooden Boxes x 2
LOT 179
Copper Pipe

6m lengths approx.

LOT 180
Red Comb Egg Boxes
LOT 181
Red Gum Slabs
LOT 182
Plate and Angle Iron

various lengths and sizes

LOT 183
Wood Saw
LOT 184
Laurel Kerosene Box with Irrigation Fittings
LOT 185
Plate Cutter and Plate Notcher on Stand
LOT 186
Pullers and Assorted Tools
LOT 187
Old Oilers
LOT 188
Pipe Tester and Assorted Electrics
LOT 189
Kawasaki Whipper Snipper with Accessories
LOT 190
Engine Lifter
LOT 191
Blower Vacs and Hedge Trimmer
LOT 192
Hand Cultivator with Attachments and Spreader
2 photos
LOT 193
Storage Fridge
LOT 194
Loading Ramps
LOT 195
Howard Garden Tractor
2 photos
LOT 196
Seeder with Spare Handles
LOT 197
Workbench and Gutter Guard
LOT 198
Steel and Gutter
LOT 199
Cement Mixer
LOT 200
Paramount Brown PEG7700EBP Generator

7.2KvA Brand New and with Lifting Frame

LOT 201
Jerry Cans x 2
LOT 202
Jerry Cans x 2
LOT 203
Jerry Cans x 4
LOT 204
Jerry Cans x 2 Small
LOT 205
Water Containers
LOT 206
Forbes Drill
LOT 207
Cutter Wheel
LOT 208
Bags, Bucket etc
LOT 209
Submersible Pump and Concreting Gear
LOT 210
Old Grease Guns and Pipe Threader
LOT 211
Light Of The Age Kero Box
LOT 212
Fencing Gear and Wire Strainers
LOT 213
Painting Gear, Mirrors and Reflective Strip
LOT 214
Milling / Lathe Components
LOT 215
Assorted and Miscellaneous Jacks
LOT 216
LOT 217
LOT 218
Pipe Stand
LOT 219
Lengths x 12 of 3 and 2.5 inch Pipe
LOT 220
Ripper 3PL
LOT 221
Alston Model M Post Hole Digger
LOT 222
LOT 223
PVC Pipe
LOT 224
Drill Pipe x 6
LOT 225
Assorted Timber, Old Batteries and Steel
LOT 226
Bookshelf and Box Unit
LOT 227

Stereo, Doll and Contents not included

LOT 228
Bernina Sewing Machine and Table
LOT 229
Juki Sewing Machine Twin Needle
LOT 230
Goldex Sewing Machine 5 Thread
LOT 231
Pegasus 3 Thread Over Locker Machine
LOT 232
Black and Decker Valvemaster and Tools
2 photos
LOT 233
for more information contact

Budgie Schiller   0437 795190

Katie Preston   0408 809259

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